The new addition to Comarch’s comprehensive BSS/OSS portfolio will allow telecoms to generate new revenues, by delivering data analytics that enable precision marketing and delivering valuable marketing information to business partners.

Today Comarch, a world-leading provider of complete IT solutions for telecoms, announced the latest addition to its portfolio – the Comarch Data Analytics & Monetisation solution. This cutting-edge software enables communication service providers (CSPs) to efficiently process mobile network data to generate new revenues through precision marketing and offering partners processed and aggregated information about various customer segments.

Comarch Data Analytics & Monetisation allows telecoms to combine current and historical data about customer behaviour in the network and produces actionable, automatic predictions about future customer needs, preferences and behaviour. The system helps operators prevent churn and strengthens customer loyalty and satisfaction thanks to an integrated recommendation system that translates the gathered data into personalised offers, determines the best follow-up action and enables precision marketing campaigns, as well as creating customised up-sell and cross-sell offers. This means CSPs can empower their customer service representatives with ready-made, automated propositions for end customers, thus improving their marketing efforts.

Once the solution gathers comprehensive customer data, it processes it in an anonymised form and generates reports with general statistics on specific customer segments to third parties, for enhancing their marketing efforts and improving sales. CSPs can cooperate with cities, advertising agencies and various service providers by offering heat maps, aggregated data and real-time movement and behaviour tracking. Comarch Data Analytics & Monetisation can also solve the problem of inbound and outbound silent roamers by reaching them in real time via outreach messaging, behaviour analysis and direct offers.

"There are many potential benefits of implementing Comarch Data Analytics & Monetisation: real-time response to customer expectations, new scenarios of cooperation with partners and actionable customer insight, to name but a few” says Paweł Kasza, Chief Architect. The system lets telecoms join the digital revolution by improving traditional operating models to reap new benefits.

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