As the digital economy continues to mature, it is critical for CSPs to establish solutions and business models that ensure sustainable value. Current CSP business models are product-centric and one-sided, delivering vertically integrated services, whether targeted towards retail, wholesale, or enterprise markets. As the world moves towards standards-based platforms and open architectures, CSPs will need to implement two-sided business models that capitalize on their core competencies in network services, and transaction management. They can also leverage their credibility as a trusted party and use network services to enhance and personalize services to offer superior customer experiences.

To be successful, CSPs have to get rid of IT silos and, more importantly, demand operational and organizational changes that shift from product- to user-centric service offerings.

The report investigates the impact of digital economy’s underlying dynamics on CSPs strategies and covers:

  • Characteristics of the digital economy and the impact of growing demand for service personalization and social networks on Web service applications
  • Overview of the emerging business models: service brokering, utility services, ad-supported revenues opportunities
  • Technology drivers and inhibitors for service enablement (evolution towards all-IP, Technology standards, role of smartphones etc.)
  • Contrasts and charateristics between service enablement strategies accross markets and market segments
  • Key operational and organizational challenges CSPs face as the move from product-centric to customer-centric applications and services and key questions to ask before starting a transformation process
  • A framework for analyzing the characteristics of service-enabling architectures that are delivering digital services
The report also features an article by Comarch – Thriving as Web platform enabler: beyond „dumb pipes”.

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