Comarch FSM Cloud Awarded Among the Best Products in the Innovation Category by Turbines of the Polish Economy

Comarch FSM Cloud has been awarded in a poll of the best products for SMEs by Turbines of the Polish Economy (pl. Turbiny Polskiej Gospodarki).  This is a report summarizing solutions that improve company operations and, most importantly, enable employees of these companies to develop their potential and streamline their work.

Comarch FSM Cloud among the best products for SME 2023

Comarch's cloud-based Field Service Management product has been recognized in the "Innovation" category for its "comprehensive, scalable, and reliable SaaS solution for field service management, featuring a wide range of highly configurable modules along with an integration API, and also offering access from mobile apps and the Customer Portal."

Comarch FSM Cloud provides all the key elements related to field task management using a mobile application, so there is no need for other software that only distracts operations management processes. Application resources are based on agreed SLAs, so there are no concerns about performance. The company can focus entirely on its field service operations.

About Turbines of the Polish Economy

Turbines of the Polish Economy is a report summarizing the situation in the SME sector and presenting the best products and services for small and medium-sized enterprises. The products honored by the editors improve the functioning of these companies, allow them to operate more efficiently, and unleash the potential of their employees. This year, there were more than a dozen categories: bank, call center, innovation, fuel card, medical care, software, non-wage benefits, technology, transport, insurance, legal services, and debt collection.

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