Comarch Experts Published: New Study on Applying the Fuzzy Relations Method in Field Service Task Delegation in Leading Journal

Krakow, 12.08.2019 - The Journal of Education, a scientific publication listed by Poland’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education, has published research on calculating the professional competency levels of technicians using fuzzy relations.

The research was carried out by Comarch employees Oleksii Sokolov and Szymon Uczciwek, in cooperation with representatives from Polish universities.

Managing large groups of field technicians in the telecommunications, IT, insurance or healthcare industries requires processing a great deal of specific data related to each person. Employees need to keep up with the latest technologies, gain familiarity with new devices, and learn continuously. To manage task delegation and workers’ competencies successfully, service-based businesses need a tool to estimate their employees' knowledge and skills. This lets them choose the most appropriate person for each task, so the organization as a whole can benefit from better task delegation and increased overall performance.

Comarch experts in field service management defined a function, called professional competence, which shows levels of technicians’ competences in maintaining office devices. To do this, they used fuzzy aggregation norms and the assumption that the company has data that presents technicians' results, including performance during new equipment installations, as well as maintaining and exchanging office devices. The method prepares the given values of the fuzzy relation between the employee and the equipment, indicating levels of experience in installing and maintaining the given devices.

This method can be further used in Comarch FSM software to support the process of delegating tasks to appropriate workers. It helps to analyze two points such as the level of an individual technician’s professional competence in terms of performing different types of tasks.

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