Comarch Becomes a Member of the 450 MHz Alliance

Kraków, December 2023 – Comarch has become the proud member of the 450 MHZ Alliance, a global organization that brings together carriers, spectrum owners, equipment, terminals, and solution vendors to drive the development of mobile networks in the 450 MHz frequency band worldwide.

The 450 MHz Alliance represents a collective effort to foster interoperability and the development of standardized solutions based on the 450 MHz spectrum. The Alliance hosts semi-annual 390-450 MHz industry conferences and develops projects that address the technical, business, and regulatory aspects associated with the 450 MHz band frequency. It also produces educational content in the form of webinars, newsletters, white papers, and other digital materials explaining the intricacies of this technology.

As a leading expert in the telecommunications industry, Comarch is poised to leverage its expertise and resources to contribute to the Alliance’s mission. Our competence in this regard has been demonstrated through numerous successful past implementations of 450 MHz-based solutions, such as the central IT system handling the LTE450 radio network for critical German infrastructure operators ordered by 450connect.

"Becoming a member of the 450 MHz Alliance is a great honor for all of us. The experience gained from past implementations of core IT systems operating on the 450 MHz frequency will surely be an invaluable aid to the Alliance's endeavors in the utilities, energy, and public safety sectors. Comarch will also cooperate in the certification process to ensure that our products meet the standards established by the organization's guidelines. We are excited for this new collaboration and the many opportunities that lie ahead of us," says Marcin Kaleta, Telco Division Director at Comarch.

Comarch will exchange knowledge with new partners in the utilities, energy, and public safety domains. Membership will also facilitate the development of pre-integrated solutions that operate in the 390-450 MHz spectrum dedicated to those sectors. Joining the Alliance will accelerate the global spread of current BSS and OSS solutions implemented for 450 MHz networks and standardized according to TMF and ODA guidelines.

"As the 450 MHz Alliance, we are thrilled to welcome Comarch as our newest member. Their expertise and innovation will be invaluable as we continue to advance the potential of the 450 MHz spectrum. Comarch's inclusion in our Alliance signifies a commitment to fostering growth and collaboration within our industry. We look forward to a fruitful partnership and the exciting developments that lie ahead,” said Igor Virker, Managing Director of the 450 MHz Alliance.

About the 450 MHz Alliance

The 450 MHz Alliance is an industry association representing stakeholders in the 450 MHz spectrum. Members include wireless carriers, equipment manufacturers, and companies in various vertical markets for machine-to-machine communication. The Alliance is committed to promoting the potential of the 450 MHz spectrum and helping its members achieve their objectives more effectively. The organization brings together over 50 prominent companies and industry experts, such as 450connect, CISCO, PGE, Qualcomm, and Airbus.

Read more about the Alliance’s mission and activities here.

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