The ultimate goal of the telco industry is to ensure seamless customer experience among all the users of telecommunication services. This requires a cultural change to both focus on the customers and monitor all their behavior constantly and in real time. Knowing customer behavior is the best way to improve their satisfaction, increase loyalty, and decrease the churn rate. However, it is quite a challenge to analyze such a tremendous amount of data.

Comarch, as one of the sponsors of the Telco Data Analytics Europe, will participate in the conference that aims to explore best practices for the effective collection, management, processing and use of all the data. The event will take place from 24-25 October in Madrid.

You are welcome to come and listen to how we combine data analytics tools with the technology of virtualization. Wojciech Dziunikowski, Head of IA&A Product Management, will speak on Integrated Assurance & Analytics – Overcoming the Challenges of SDN/NFV.

What you will learn:

  • What are the current challenges in realizing SDN/NFV promises?
  • What types of insights can be provided through merging network and IT data?
  • How will integrated assurance and analytics be used to shape SDN/NFV deployments?  

The presentation will be on day first of the conference – 24thOctober at 12:20 PM. Straight after it – at 12:40 PM –  there will be a panel discussion with Comarch’s input. Listen to our position on the Compatibility of Legacy Systems with a Real-time Analytics Approach.

What will be discussed?

  • How next-generation data analytics will be implemented next to and on top of legacy systems
  • Methods to refine the capability of legacy systems
  • How the existence of legacy systems does not preclude operators from extracting valuable data-driving insights
  • Decommissioning legacy platforms where necessary

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