Comarch to sponsor and speak on Germany Connect 2017 taking place in Frankfurt am Main on 24 – 25 January 2017.  The conference brings together regional operators as well as wholesale carrier and vendors. The event equips you in the knowledge where the industry is heading and how to embrace the constant change, and stay ahead of the curve. Addressing various infrastructure developments the conference will try to give you the insight and direction to a truly digital Germany. 

During 2017 edition Comarch expert, Bernd Kreiling will be speaking on Market consolidation and new business models – how carrier prepare for the future.

Over the last few years we have observed many different outsourcing projects and models on the European telecom market, always aimed at helping CSPs decrease network-related costs. It seems now that potential savings stemming from outsourced network operations are running out. The next step is to complete network consolidations through mergers and acquisitions between various CSPs, what is really happening on German, Polish and British markets. 

Based on the case study of the E-Plus acquisition by Telefonica on German market Bernd’s presentation will show how to reduce the lead-time for network consolidation projects to almost zero. However, decreasing network related costs might be not enough to survive as CSP. New business models are needed, what ngena case study will demonstrate.

Find out more about Comarch Network Consolidation for M&A

Read ngena press release and learn more about project goals.

To arrange the meeting please contact Bernd Kreiling at or Sven Kuch at

More about conference here.

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