Digital transformation is developing rapidly and telco operators are creating increasingly innovative solutions to keep their businesses ahead of the competition. We’re seeing a constant shift of software and tools moving into the cloud, allowing operators to offer faster and more flexible services to their customers.

Delivering network virtualization is crucial if operators want to retain the loyalty of their customers in this new digital world.

5G technology is set to change both mobile networks and the way we use them. Soon, there’ll be so much data being transferred over our networks that even the most advanced analytic tools might need support from artificial intelligence to analyze it all.

This is not as far fetched as it might sound. We are at the beginning of a new era for the telecommunications industry.

Join us for the 5G e Transformação Digital Brazilian webinar on 30th August 2017 where telco experts will discuss the various challenges facing telco operators today, including: 5G, network virtualization, Big Data, AI, user experience and new digital services.

Listen to Comarch’s presenter – Renato Botto, Integrated Assurance & Analytics Consultant – taking on How to Improve Digital Transformation Key Business Factors By Monitoring and Attending Customer Expectations Efficiently.

You can join the webinar here.

All the presentations will be in Portuguese.

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