Join Comarch on the unique online event – IoT Brasil Summit 2017 – organized by Telesemana on 5 April 2017. Our expert - Renato Botto – will be speaking on connectivity management in the IoT and Quality of Service era.

IoT is a world in which a variety of different players can cooperate and create a complex service sold as one bundled product to the end customer. Connectivity Management in such a world has changed from “only Connectivity” to “Advanced”, where a stronger accent should be placed on IoT usage based billing to enable innovative pricing models such as value based (pay per use), criteria based (flat rate) or consumer device based.

Offers should propose the best user experience wherever customers are, providing the highest access speed, connectivity efficiency, support and help at any time, remote service monitoring, improved performance, a multitude of reporting functions, automated alerts and notifications, detections of misuse, and much more. End to end service propositions must also include the possibility to measure real experience and performance at the point of connectivity, as well as device and application usage.

The measured KPI from the application and device, which can be correlated with network measurements, will result in the correct actions being taken on the Connectivity Platform side in order to ensure and improve the quality of service and related SLA. This is the correct manner of applying Connectivity Management expansion

Learn more on Comarch approach to Quality of Service in the IoT by reading our white paper

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