Exploring and Guiding Customer Journeys at CEM in Telecoms Europe in Prague

The customer-centric cultural and organizational changes that have been forced upon communication services providers is now the new norm. Yet placing the customer, not the network, at the heart of all processes requires great effort and significant investments. The highly competitive market and growing demands make it more difficult to win new customers and keep existing ones. The telco operators are no longer in control anymore, and the customers who have replaced them demand a positive experience.

Join the discussion on how to ensure customer satisfaction at Customer Experience Management in Telecoms, taking place from 25-27 September in Prague.

Listen to our CX expert, Bartosz Kozłowski, presenting on 27 September at 10:15. He will talk about Optimization of Assurance Processes Using Machine Learning Algorithms.

To schedule a meeting, please contact event manager Agata Wolska at agata.wolska@comarch.com

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