Car Connectivity Consortium Plugfests are held to promote CCC product development. The upcoming CCC Plugfest will take place on the 23rd – 27th July, 2012, in Krakow.

The objectives of this event are to validate the updated CTS tool and to evaluate interoperability of client and server implementations. The updated MirrorLink Conformance Test System, which is currently being developed by Comarch, will be validated and used to provide feedback to participants on their implementation’s standards conformance. For all parties it will be an excellent opportunity to test interoperability between their products.

Please visit the webpage for information regarding the plugfest. Pre-registration is required by July 11, 2012. The plugfest is only open to members of the CCC.

If you have any questions about this Plugfest, please contact or Comarch event manager Alina Wietrzny at

If you have any questions about Comarch’s expertise in automotive and CE industries, please contact Comarch consultant Grzegorz Kafel at

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