It seems that operators in the telecommunications sector have to reinvent service concepts in order to be competitive in the digital world. However, the success of over the top (OTT) players in the digital era is not only driven by their flexibility and the IT tools and software foundations of their business, but also by their ability to translate the facilities and functionalities they offer to the physical world.  

With this in mind, telco operators must adopt new technologies and network concepts such as SDN/NFV and data analysis (Big Data), to launch lifelong concepts such as omnichannel strategies. It was by implementing such strategies that traditional retailers attempted to enable multiple parallel sales channels (in store, or remote, through catalogs and mailings) to reach their customers. New software tools and the telecommunication networks allow telecom companies to reach customers via both physical and virtual channels.

This workshop will show operators in the Colombian market how to redefine their relationship with their clients to offer them the products and services they want, and as a result to open up new sources of income by maximizing the operator's relationship with their users.


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