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Comarch Product Catalog simplifies IT architecture and accelerates launching new products by providing a single platform for managing product catalogs and life cycles. The system allows businesses to digitally process product offers and specifications and define product relationships for stand-alone and bundle offers. The system also creates target customer profiles with location data and other parameters. Comarch Product Catalog is based on the TM Forum Information Framework, also known as the Shared Information Data model (SID).

The Comarch Product Catalog drives Comarch BSS suite solutions and is pre-integrated with other Comarch products like Comarch Customer Management, SelfCare or the Convergent Billing System. As a central source of product and offer information, it ensures rapid new product and offer deployment additionally accelerating publishing content in sales channels without extra IT systems configuration. Based on increased service re-usability and automation, Comarch Product Catalog enables marketing and product managers to build new services quickly to improve offer management processes and shorten the time needed to reach the market. The system also allows smoothly incorporating partners’ products and services into the product catalog.

Comarch Product Catalog


Manage It All Through One Platform

Design and manage all product offers and specifications through one user-friendly platform built on easy-to-use Web user interfaces that will improve efficiency, save time and reduce costs.

Ensure Consistency and Quality

Use the central rules repository and evaluation and the unified interface for order capture in all sales channels to improve quality and offer consistency.

Reuse The Existing Configuration to React More Quickly

Create new product specifications based on similar content through the unique inheritance mechanism to streamline your product catalog.

Control Your Products’ and Offerings’ Lifecycle

Efficiently manage design, definition, publication, retirement of products, offers and other related processes.

Follow the Evolution of Your Specifications

Update versions of product or offer specifications with the configuration repository.

Optimize Your Project Management

The integrated project function provides users with a holistic overview of all changes performed to related publishing processes, ongoing activities and environments used for decision-making processes.

Customize the Interface

Freely use perspectives, customize the Comarch Product Catalog display to each user’s role and let the user further personalize their widgets.

Comarch Product Catalog

Comarch Product Catalog

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Multi-market transformation improves time to market and the cost of service delivery in the business customer segment

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