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Do you want to make your telecom business more innovative? The dynamically changing telecommunications market requires automation and digitization of products. Find new revenue streams to create future-proof services that will help keep you one step ahead.

See how Comarch can help you to meet and overcome challenges, and ensure an innovative as well as smooth transformation.

It’s time for you to innovate value creation.

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Simplifying B2B2X Operations

5G network gives telecoms unlimited possibilities to offer new services, opens up new revenue streams, and enables self-service for enterprise customers with complex requirements. It also brings new opportunities for cooperation with multiple different players. How can you ensure effective cooperation between all of them? Discover the key roles of each player, the importance of partnerships and the best ways to work with both to provide innovative services by using network slicing or private network.

Learn how to automate and simplify quoting and ordering for complex products based on the 5G network. Deliver end-to-end solutions to enterprise customers as well as partners. Let’s look at the video with use cases of the 5G monetization.

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The Building Block Concept for Telco Services: The Power of Catalogs

In the modern world, there is still a need for complex services to be delivered instantly, and at the highest quality. Automation is a crucial and necessary element of these market requirements. In the second episode of Comarch’s campaign, we are focusing on the catalogs as the drivers for building and implementing services. Just drag and drop existing elements from the product, service or resource catalog to create brand new services that will make your enterprise’s offer more innovative. Remember playing with building blocks as a child? Now you can make something better than a toy castle. What about a new radio 5G base station using O-RAN?

Discover the building block concept and be ready to create new services simply. Watch the video and read the white paper to learn how you can unleash the power of catalogs.

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Artificial Intelligence at the Heart of Business 4.0

Have you ever considered how to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) in the area of automation in resource allocation? It is a major factor in the Business 4.0 revolution, and is crucial in planning and implementing 5G network services. Access to an expert workforce is limited, and it is not that easy to hire a well-experienced specialist with the technical background required. How can telecoms deal with such a situation?

In the third episode of our campaign, you can learn more about the role of automation in modern telecoms. Discover AI technology, the driving force behind Comarch’s system with a multi-criteria search model based on variable criteria, and with different priorities.

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Run Your Business Like an Orchestra With AI-powered Orchestrator

Automated orchestration is the key to providing innovative services and products based on 5G networks, and supports you in achieving a symphony in tech where every elements plays its role. The use of artificial intelligence enables work on complex and challenging issues without the need for constant contact with an expert – which is important, as access to such resources in today's world is very limited.

Find out more about creating an innovative and digital ecosystem for all partners and customers of your telecom business in the fourth episode of Comarch’s campaign. 

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IoT-driven Transformation and the Blurring Line Between the B2B and B2C Markets

In the telco industry, it is clear that operators are trying to reach customers both in the B2B and B2C markets, but they also adapt their solutions by simplifying business operations and systems to reach both sectors with the same products, tools and processes. Large CMP platforms may not be ready for small customers, and are often expensive. The line between B2B and B2C business models is blurring, so how can operators provide services that will be easily adaptable to both models? You will find the answer in the fifth episode of our campaign.

Discover what a simplified CMP and “the single pane of glass” are, how they work, and how to expand the possibilities of your telecoms by using them.

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About us

How can you find your place in the dynamically changing landscape of the telecommunications industry? It’s best to use the experience and knowledge of partners who focus on creating software that meets the requirements of the market. The key is the formulation of innovative values. Automation, simplification, self-services, as well as taking advantage of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) - all this will help you find suitable and simple solutions for telecoms. Find new streams of revenue thanks to commitment to the benefits of 5G monetization: network slicing, private networks and SLA monitoring. Are you ready for Industry 4.0 and B2B business digitization?

Comarch’s campaign offers practical help in creating innovative value in telecoms. With the assistance of five episodes and additional materials, we want to pass on our knowledge and many years of experience in building telco capabilities. Each of the presented topics represents valuable support for companies that are just beginning to face the requirements of a dynamic market. But our videos are also essential for established companies that have some experience in monetizing the 5G network.

Learn how to manage the future network simply, and be ready for innovative products, services and devices.

Remodel Telecoms with Innovative Value Creation.

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