Telecoms Journey Towards 5G Monetization

While 5G networks are gaining traction, telecoms are looking for ways to monetize them. The most promising ways to do so include network slicing and NaaS (network as a service). Yet, in order to take advantage of the opportunities they bring, operators need to face some challenges first.

Discover how to address those challenges, and how Comarch can help you get ahead of the race.

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Configurating 5G Networks: Dreams vs Reality 

As promising as the idea of network slicing is to communication and digital service providers, for now it is just an idea. How can Comarch help telecoms implement it into their operations, and make the dream of NaaS a reality?

Discover how Comarch Orchestrator system allows telecoms to deploy, manage, and optimize fifth generation network operations, while offering them scalability, efficiency, security, isolation, and multivendor multidomain agility.

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5G Network Supervision: Automated Failure Recovery

Research shows that the biggest challenge operators face in the process of deploying network slicing is automation. Growing customer demands, 5G network complexity, and the need to decrease costs while increasing effectiveness calls for enhanced automation of processes.

In order to fulfill the market needs and avoid failures, telecoms must automate network management and maintenance. Find out how utilizing AI/ML-driven methods in failure recovery can help telecoms achieve the desired level of automation, and thrive in the 5G era.

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5G: An Enabler of Advanced Automation in the Industry

Deploying 5G-driven solutions can provide telecom operators with brand new services and revenue opportunities. Knowing that, how can communication and digital service providers utilize the fifth generation network in business solution provisioning?

Discover how telecoms can become the main enablers for manufacturing automation based on 5G networks with the use of intent-driven orchestration.

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Monetizing 5G: Successful Business Strategies   

Monetizing 5G is one of the most talked about areas when it comes to deploying the fifth generation network. Communication and digital service providers wonder how to best utilize the technology in order to streamline new revenue opportunities, and fulfill the needs of their current and new potential customers.

Explore the ways 5G-powered services can be implemented, managed, and monetized. Find out how Comarch can help you plan your deployment in the most profitable way.

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About us

As the 5G network is expanding, communication and digital service providers are searching for ways to monetize it. One of the most promising and anticipated technologies that can unleash new revenue streams is network slicing.

Network slicing and NaaS bring new opportunities that include the B2C, B2B, and B2B2C markets. Yet, in order to utilize their potential, operators need to face some challenges first.

In our four-episode campaign, we will be focusing on different areas of network slicing and its applications in real life. Each video will highlight a specific challenge faced by communication and digital service providers in terms of NaaS deployment. To provide an even more comprehensive view on the given subjects, each piece will be accompanied by a detailed white paper.

Network slicing is the future. Start your journey towards it with Comarch.

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