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Telecom companies currently face a dilemma: remain traditional connectivity providers or actively counter dropping revenues and establish themselves as strong players who cooperate, or even compete with OTT's. Most CSP's are aware of the assets they can offer and believe working with OTT's is a valuable solution with potential for generating new revenues. The situation is additionally complicated by the fact that OTT's can be either startups or dynamic giants but with completely different cultural and technological focus than CSP's, which significantly reduces potential for cooperation.


Comarch Digital Services Platform is designed to help CSP's execute digital strategies, especially expanding presence in Internet of Things. The solution allows switching from traditional, expensive and multi-layered systems which are often so complex they block innovative solutions to smooth integration of efficient cloud-based services. Comarch Digital Services Platform follows the collaboration life-cycle from establishing partnerships through managing available capabilities to service integration and assurance processes, enabling CSPs to enact efficient cooperation with their partners. Comarch DSP allows effortless asset monetization of existing BSS/OSS system functionalities in addition to basic connectivity services.

Digital Service Management for Telecoms - Comarch Platform Benefits

Be an Active Player in Smart City, Automotive, Healthcare, Electricity and Other Industries

Engage into vertical segments more dynamically and with greater ease by offering capabilities (e.g. billing capabilities, local brands, customer service etc.) to new potential partners, like non-telecom integrators

Find The Right Partners Like IoT Suppliers or Integrators

Browse potential business and technology partners using precise criteria to find the best match for your requirements; create ecosystems and let your partners apply to open positions for missing IoT service elements according to their current capabilities or geographical coverage

Operate As Fast As Your OTT Partners Expect

Easily manage your digital services, coordinate distributed work and smoothly transform new service ideas into real services delivered to customers

Take Full Control of The Flows Between Parties

Control service and money flows between parties with up-to-date, automatically generated service flow and dependency diagrams for multi-cloud and multi-party digital services

Simplify The Service Integration Process

Control all phases of services launch down to individual elements and browse dependencies between various service elements, involved parties, their roles and the progress of the whole service integration process

Introduce Customer Experience Management to Digital Services

Use the available information to measure how service faults impact multi-partner and multi-cloud services as well as your partners and customers and keep track of the overall quality of services provided to customers

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