Logistics Management

Comarch Logistics Management is designed to provide comprehensive support for logistics operations: it improves all logistic processes and allows managing both physical and virtual products. The system supports any purchase transactions as well as physical and virtual product storage and sales operations. 

Comarch Logistics Management automates processes including: purchases, sales, complaints, verification of virtual product availability or generating reports with the built-in Business Process Management engine, thus eliminating the need for manual control of tasks like creating and sending orders to vendors and managing the warehouse inventory. From submitting an order to service providers up to sales transactions concluded with indirect recipients and target customers: all these processes can be managed more efficiently with the additional benefit of reducing employee error factors. 


Comarch BSS OSS Products - Telecom Logistics Management

Telecom Logistics Management - Product Features

Manage and Optimize Your Logistics Processes

Comprehensively manage purchase, storage and sales of physical and virtual products such as telephones, modems, SIM cards, charge codes, virtual coupons, and gift cards.

Optimize the Returns Management Process

Reduce all costs connected to returns management and get better anti-fraud protection.

Automate the Warehouse…

Verify, control and automate restocking operations.

…and the Delivery Processes

Instantly prepare packages for dispatch and delivery management.

Use Logistics Business Intelligence

Generate multi-dimensional reports and shape processes for strategic business evaluation and planning.

Increase Your Operational Efficiency

Automate all repetitive processes, save time and decrease staff interference.

Always Be Prepared and Ready to React Quickly

Plan your purchases more efficiently based on analyses generated by the system and react to irregularities on the fly thanks to accurate reports available directly in your email inbox or on mobile devices.

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