We offer the following training in English - computer courses: MS SQL Serwer, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL.


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PL/SQL language - basics

This course is intended for all who use the Oracle database, know SQL language and would like to extend the functionality normally available in this environment with its own procedures and functions and automate certain tasks.

PL/SQL – programming language in Oracle databases

The course is intended for all who create applications based on Oracle relational databases using the PL/SQL programming language. Trainees should be familiar with basic SQL functionality as well as bases of programming knowledge.

Oracle 19c database administration

This course is for database administrators. The training can be useful also for developers implementing databases and database applications who – by understanding the principles of operation of the server – will be able to better use its potential.

SQL language - basics

This course is intended for all who work with software based on the Oracle relational database and want to learn the database mechanisms and how to select the information they require from the database.

Oracle SQL language for data analytics

The course is intended for all those who carry out analytical operations, or create reports in Oracle environment. Training is addressed to all who need to analyze data and make business decisions, not necessarily for IT professionals.

SQL – the language of access to database ORACLE

The course is intended for all who work with software based on Oracle relational database, want to know the mechanisms of its action and learn how to select interesting information from database.

Our trainers

  • Krzysztof Czajkowski 

    He has several years of teaching and training experience, the main area of ​​training specialization is the application and administration of the Oracle database. He also teaches PostreSQL, MySQL and SQL syntax in MS SQL Server databases.

    See opinions about our trainings

    • An undoubted advantage of the trainings was the large number of exercises that the employees did step by step under the supervision of the trainer. The trainer was able to perfectly adjust the pace to the work of the participants, and the participants also praised the possibility of asking questions about functionality that went beyond the scope of the course.


    • We rate the implementation, as well as the needs analysis and the training service very well. The company has fulfilled all the arrangements made. The participants assessed the training as useful and valuable from the point of view of their current and future professional tasks. When organizing the training, the employees showed great flexibility and kindness. Therefore, we can recommend Comarch SA as a reliable and professional partner in the organization of IT training.

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