Oracle SQL language for Data Analysts

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      Oracle SQL language for Data Analysts

      You will creation of a variety of queries to the data stored in an Oracle database!

      The training course Oracle SQL Language for Data Analysts will teach you how to effectively create queries that transform raw data into useful information. This will help you fully utilize the potential of data analysis. Want to become a data analyst and make an impact on your business? Sign up for our training today! 

      The course is intended for all those who carry out analytical operations, or create reports in Oracle environment. Training is addressed to all who need to analyze data and make business decisions, not necessarily for IT professionals.

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      Training objectives

      This course is designed to familiarize trainees with the creation of a variety of queries to the data stored in an Oracle database. The training covers choosing the creation of design data from multiple tables, use built-in single-row and group functions, the inclusion of data formatting and sorting. Participants learn to perform set operations and subqueries, as well as hierarchical queries and using multidimensional hierarchical grouping. Particular emphasis is placed on the use of different variants of analytic functions, extending the capabilities of the Select statement by multidimensional operations. Participants also learn how to carry out retrospective queries and advanced search using regular expressions.


      After completing the course, participants should be familiar with the principles of organizing data in a relational Oracle database. The participant will have knowledge on how to create different queries to the database, including, inter alia: joining tables, sorting, use built-in functions, set operations, multidimensional grouping, in order to generate reports of varying complexity. Particularly relevant knowledge gained from the training will be issues regarding the application of a wide range of analytic functions allowing the possibility of multidimensional data analysis.

      Audience profile

      The course is intended for all those who carry out analytical operations, or create reports in Oracle environment. Training is addressed to all who need to analyze data and make business decisions, not necessarily for IT professionals.


      The trainees have to know the Windows environment.


      3 days, 24 lessons

      Training delivery method

      The training is carried out in the form of theoretical part in the form of mini lectures and the practical part in the form of computer exercises.

      Theoretical and practical knowledge

      Relational data model

      • User schemas 
      • Fundamental data structures 
      • Relationships between the structures 

      SQL queries – data selection
      Graphical tools for data selection

      • Keywords
      • Statement
      • Aliases for columns and tables

      Functions in queries

      • Single-row functions
      • Group functions
      • Data types conversion

      Retrieving data from multiple tables
      Methods of joining tables
      Types of joins

      • equi-join
      • non-equi-join
      • outer-join
      • self-join

      Set operators

      • Union
      • Intersect
      • Minus


      • noncorrelated
      • correlated

      Review of SQL functions

      • Single-row functions
      • Format models 

      Support for time zones

      • Data types
      • Functions

      Hierarchical queries
      Multidimensional grouping

      • Rollup
      • Cube
      • Grouping Sets

      Analytic functions

      • Application
      • Partitions
      • Windows
      • Ranking functions
      • Windowing functions
      • Reporting functions
      • LAG/LEAD functions
      • FIRST/LAST functions
      • WIDTH_BUCKET function


      • Flashback Query
      • Flashback Version Query
      • Flashback Transaction Query
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      Our trainers

      • Krzysztof Czajkowski 

        He has several years of teaching and training experience, the main area of ​​training specialization is the application and administration of the Oracle database. He also teaches PostreSQL, MySQL and SQL syntax in MS SQL Server databases.


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        Sylwester Woźniak

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