Cracow is Poland's second largest city

It is also one of the oldest cities of the country, as it dates back to seventh century, and a popular tourist destination. It used to be the capital of Poland and the residence of Polish kings. The city is divided into 18 districts, of which the most famous are the Old Town, Nowa Huta and Kazimierz.

Architectural and urban complex of old Krakow is among the most important group of heritage sites in Poland and the world. The historical city centre has been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The most significant architectural structures are the defence walls of the Wawel Castle, the Barbakan, Florian Gate, the Wawel Castle complex, with the Sigismund's Chapel and its cathedral, St. Mary's Basilica, with the altar by Veit Stoss and the renaissance Cloth Hall (Sukiennice). Of course, these are only the most famous tourist attractions of Cracow.

There is a lot more to see if one comes here :)


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