Data Exchange and Document Management

Comarch ECM - Complex enterprise content and business processes management

Effective communication within the supply chain and complex enterprise content management

Every company is interested in the efficient exchange of information with its business partners throughout the supply chain, as well as effective and integrated management of information and business processes within the company. An enormous growth in the amount of data and business documents is one of the biggest challenge they face in these areas. Lost documents, incorrect data or lack thereof, non-compliance with other commercial documents or with the applicable regulations are just some of the problems of finance departments.

Therefore, many companies are searching for solutions with a comprehensive approach to data exchange and document management, which allows to optimize supply chain processes, improve B2B communication, reduce costs, improve data quality and increase level of control over business processes. And all this must be done in accordance with applicable regulations.

Main challenges:

  • Large amounts of data and documents
  • High volume of business partners and transactions
  • Lack of appropriate B2B communication
  • Multiple sources and formats of documents
  • High costs with paper documents processing
  • Low data quality
  • Multiple systems to handle all document-related flows
  • Assuring legal compliance

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