Comarch ECM Customer Care

Comarch Customer Care is a solution that significantly improves the quality of customer service. Thanks to a clear and intuitive interface it’s easier to deal with complaints, add new services, confirm payments, as well as define discounts and conduct correspondence. With built-in workflow mechanisms the solution helps to get the issue case done from the beginning to the end, even if this requires coordinated work of many teams. Automated interaction with the customer means that consultants receive ready-to-use operational scenarios.

What’s more interesting – it’s integrated with our loyalty platform. 

Customer Service Starts Here:

  • IDENTIFICATION OF THE CUSTOMER – the first thing is to identify the customer using the loyalty system, or the reservation system in order to have a complete picture of the current situation with full background (previous communication with the company, program statuses)
  • CATEGORIZATION – the system automatically categorizes the type of case and draws important details. In difficult cases, the task is forwarded to the agent but with Comarch ECM it is possible to have over 80% of cases processed automatically.
  • MAN VS. MACHINE – more complex cases are reviewed by an agent. The system proposes appropriate compensation (loyalty points, vouchers). Points are also an incentive to become an active member of FFP.
  • VERIFICATION – it’s always good to verify the form of compensation and value. You may want to have compensation above certain threshold verified by a human. But usually small amounts are not worth it.
  • PRORATING – dividing the compensation cost between airlines, if it was a codeshare flight.
  • PERSONALIZED MESSAGES – it’s always nice to be remembered and appreciated. That’s why our system is capable of personalizing the final response. And nicely closing a case.

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