How to Build Customer Loyalty in the Airline Industry?

Afflicted by the pandemic and environmental issues, the airline industry has been facing many challenges. How did they influence customer loyalty? Check out the latest report by Comarch and The Loyalty People team to learn about the current state of airline loyalty.

The airline industry is expanding – after a significant slump caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of travelers taking the high road is growing at breakneck speed. In the US alone, there were twice as many airline passengers in 2022 than in 2020*. But the return of travel doesn’t mean airlines are back to their pre-pandemic state. From passengers’ expectations to executives’ priorities, the airline field has changed a lot. And all that has left its mark on how we perceive customer relations – particularly customer loyalty. Somewhat neglected in the past, loyalty has been gaining attention as a critical revenue stream in this industry. We now see that frequent flyers may be the key to airlines’ sustainable success – but what can be done to ensure their growth?

This is what Comarch and TLP cover in our brand-new report on airline loyalty. Prepared by Dan Martin (Associate Consultant, Travel at The Loyalty People) and Cezary Kryszkiewicz (Business Solution Consultant at Comarch), the whitepaper contains an extensive overview with insights, trends, and solutions for 2023. It’s your ready-to-use guide through the pitfalls and challenges of the industry. By explaining the changing nature of business and leisure travelers, revealing the importance of reward currencies, and giving examples of how to broaden brand recognition, this report can help you navigate the current turbulence of the airline landscape.

The Airline Loyalty Report is the fourth installment of our six-part series on driving customer loyalty and engagement in different industries. Each paper focuses on the dynamics and issues of the following sectors: retail, fashion, hospitality, airline, fuel retail, and luxury. All of them provide analyses and tips to boost loyalty delivered by experts in respective fields.

Want to learn how to build brand recognition in the airline industry? Download the report with trends for 2023.


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*Airline Industry Statistics [2023]: 28 Facts to Know Before You Fly,

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