marketing campaign management

Comarch’s recipe for minimizing marketing fatigue

Nowadays, when customers are overwhelmed with marketing content, the key to profitable marketing campaign is the accurate communication method and tactful strategy.

Beacon Technology

Comarch Beacon Technology for Retail

Nowadays, when mobile technology invasion has permeated almost every realm of human existence we invariably continue to witness the interminable wave of new prospects for capabilities of producing a brand new potential for business outreach.

Turkish Airlines

The commencement of Comarch’s cooperation with Turkish Airlines

For Comarch’s loyalty experts there is nothing more exciting than an ambitious project like the opportunity to work on improving the loyalty programme of Turkish Airlines.

Thanks Again

A new chapter for Comarch with Thanks Again LLC

As an ambitious and goal-oriented company, Comarch certainly values major challenges.


Valuable reference letter from Mercator

Comarch’s Loyalty team like every group of passionate professionals, derives satisfaction from the daily job itself.

Campaign Management

Comarch Campaign Management

Nowadays, with ubiquitous deluge of marketing content and widely and continuously growing expectations, reaching the customers, breaking into the market and permanently remaining on it has never been so challenging.

Managed Services

A prime example of various advantages of outsourcing - Comarch Managed Services

In order to maintain a long-term success, every business organization needs to coordinate the activities that are typical for its role and those, which go beyond the basic area of the job.

Beacon Technology

Comarch Beacon Technology - blog

We are living in the extraordinary times when futuristic ideas such as communication between inanimate objects are no longer just visionary concepts but materialize through the revolutionary Internet of Things technology.

Gartner's Market Guide for loyalty marketing platforms

Comarch in Gartner's Market Guide for loyalty marketing platforms

We are thrilled to be able to share this glorious moment, being on the crest of the wave and repeatedly receiving honours from the highly acclaimed worldwide technology research authorities of Gartner.

Gartner's CRM Vendor Guide 2015

Comarch in the Gartner's CRM Vendor Guide 2015

We are pleased to announce that Comarch was featured in the prestigious report of Gartner- one the most reputable global IT research organizations that associates the most qualified experts.

Information in marketing

Information in marketing

“Information is not knowledge” – these words by Albert Einstein never seem to lose their accurate meaning and are still applicable in the contemporary world filled with overabundance of omnipresent information.


Loyalty - the cornerstone of every authentic relationship

Everybody knows that loyalty is the cornerstone of every authentic relationship and business relations are no exception from this commonly known statement.