The Supreme Association of Gamification and the Internet Of Things (IoT)

It is not a secret, that in the era of the technological prime building a meaningful and solid customer relationship is exceptionally challenging and requires a plethora of constantly cultivated and strategically synchronised actions.


The Evolution and the Future of Airport

What makes Comarch a superior expert of the IT industry is the ability of envisioning the future direction of the technological development, its arising opportunities and created business needs.

Smart City Solution

The Brilliant Combination of Geolocation Technology, Internet of Things and Loyalty as a Recipe for the Smart City Solution

As a cutting-edge IT company, we make sure not only to keep up with the current trends, but more importantly we strive to set new directions with our innovative solutions.

Interview With Comarch's Loyalty Experts

A Valuable Interview With Comarch's Loyalty Experts

The constantly changing customer loyalty and IT market raises numerous issues. Customer journey tracking, targeted rewards, unintrusive massages, beacons, location-based services are only some of the challenges.

Customer Loyalty Solutions Report

Independent Research Firm Cites Comarch as a Strong Performer in Customer Loyalty Solutions Report

We are extremely proud to announce that Comarch was among the selected companies that Forrester invited to participate in The Forrester Wave™ Customer Loyalty Solutions For Large Organizations, Q1 2016.

Data Driven Content on Social Media

Data Driven Content on Social Media – Meet Comarch Loyalty for Travel

Indisputably, the requirements of the contemporary world oblige businesses to take notice of the significance of social media channels as one of the essential components in creating an influential and successful marketing strategy.

Customer Engagement

Comarch Customer Engagement

What makes us unique is that we truly believe that the key to the major success in our field is not only the use of state-of-the art scientific tools but also the ability to always keep the customer in mind.

Logistics Module

Logistics Module for Comarch Loyalty Management

It is a matter of common knowledge that the backbone of every loyalty program is the complex arrangement of rewards.

Loyalty Management for Travel

Introducing Data Hub – Comarch Loyalty Management for Travel

The predominant principle that lays behind Comarch’s technology is the ultimate optimization of the business processes, continuous development and constant readjustment to ever-changing market conditions.

Smart City Solution

Comarch Smart City Solution - The Future Of Urban Space

Living in the day and age of booming technology development we have a privilege not only to witness the revolutionary transformation of the reality as we know it, but most importantly to take part in that fascinating process that increasingly spreads out to every sphere of our existence.

Comarch CLM for Retail

Data-Driven Content on Social Media – meet Comarch CLM for Retail

One of the Comarch’s most crucial tenets is the interminable improvement, hence we are continually in the process of adding new enhancements to our products to make them of maximum convenience and to accommodate them to the market requirements.

In-store Application

In-store Application

In the era of smartphone invasion with almost 180 million worldwide mobile application downloads, we can see a tangible proof that their utility is not necessarily limited to entertainment and appropriable purposes but that they can also be widely utilised in the business sector.