Why the TISAX Standard Is Becoming "the Thing" in the Automotive Industry

What's it like at a modern car manufacturing plant? Well, it's definitely not like it used to be, with those massive production lines and dozens of mechanics working on bringing a single car to life. Those days are long gone. Today's car factories operate in a way that allows them to maximize productivity, maintain consistency, and eliminate waste. Production lines are now almost fully automated, with robots running the floor and doing 99% of the job. Though humans are still present, you could say that they have become 'car production overseers,' walking around the plant with smart devices in their hands, looking at the monitors, making sure it all works like clockwork.

That being said, many (if not most) of today's car manufacturing plants remain places where car design plans, prototype blueprints, and other confidential documents are shared and processed. Being aware that data has become the most valuable commodity on the planet, all car manufacturers know that they must protect their assets by any means possible – which explains why more and more of them are interested in initiatives such as TISAX.

TISAX stands for "Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange," and it is an exclusive certificate created primarily for the automotive industry (although it can be introduced in others as well), which aims to protect intellectual property (such as prototypes) and enable secure communication between clients and suppliers. TISAX covers a wide range of security methods and layers, including dual-factor authentication, KPIs monitoring, and database encryption to ensure the highest level of protection.

When an IT provider receives the TISAX certificate, it means they make security a priority. In other words, you can assume that not only will they care about keeping your assets safe and sound, but they will also provide you with other IT products and services that won't compromise security. The latter can actually help a car factory become more productive. How come?

First of all, every modern car manufacturing plant needs a stable, fast, and secure network to be able to connect all the devices and ensure efficient exchange of information between them. Secondly, each one needs safe storage space, such as a Tier III/IV data center or a cloud, where it can keep confidential data. Third, each plant needs secure servers, databases, 24/7 technical support, and backups so that if there are any problems with the IT infrastructure, there will be minimal chance of downtime. TISAX-certified providers, such as Comarch, can provide all of the above.

And it all adds up. Think about it. It is computers that calculate how many (and when) cars will be assembled; it is computers that determine how many (and which) components will be used; it is computers that help streamline the logistics. There are many systems and services involved in the car production process, and all of them must be protected. This is why companies that are part of the automotive industry think about working with TISAX-certified IT technology providers – because they find these providers capable of keeping their intellectual property and IT infrastructure safe.

If you want to learn more about this standard – and find out why it was Comarch ICT's goal to receive the TISAX certification – click HERE and read the article we published back in January, or contact us at info@comarch.com.

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