Hosted Private Cloud

Your Private Computing Environment with 24/7 Support

The number of applications and amount of data continue to grow rapidly, while IT struggles to provide the resources necessary to enable services to meet user and infrastructure demand.

Comarch Hosted Private Cloud is a solution suitable for a secure and compliant operational framework. You get a private computing environment on highly reliable and flexible infrastructure. Comarch tailors the right balance of isolation and flexibility to your specific IT environment. We guarantee our ongoing 24/7 dedication to your environment’s performance and reliability.


Comarch Hosted Private Cloud offers many benefits for your most demanding applications:
  • The flexible platform expands easily in line with your expectations.
  • Optimal performance for critical applications and multiple workloads.
  • A multi-layer approach to data security through our compliance and security services with dedicated, physically isolated network, computing and storage capacity.
  • Consistent and predictable SLAs for your public cloud services.
  • Increased control over how, where and when cloud resources are provisioned and consumed.
Hosted Private Cloud Benefits

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Our Clients

  • Heathrow Airport

    Heathrow Airport

    To support its growing business, Heathrow Airport chose Comarch Loyalty Management application in hosting model
  • Nicols


    Eliminating outage incidents and decreasing network vulnerabilities with Comarch Data Center services
  • Jetblue Airways

    Jetblue Airways

    Reducing application response time and increasing data processing speed by deploying Comarch Data Center services
  •  Valeo


    Comarch IT Outsourcing Services for Valeo Germany
  • Boots


    See how Comarch Data Center services influence growth and customer satisfaction at Boots E-Wallet
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