Mobile Sales Force

Comarch Mobile Sales Force is an excellent and reliable app for sales representatives. It supports everyday work of your employees as well as streamlines and automatizes processes.


Comarch Mobile Sales Force allows field sales reps to sell using only their mobile devices. It gives a quick and easy 360° view into a customer, history of cooperation, dedicated offers, orders and receivables. It supports merchandising in POS based on monitoring of different standards. The complex survey module makes marketing actions easier and gathers market data regarding current trends and actions taken by the competitors. The route module, based on maps and geolocation of the POS, guides a representative to the target on the most optimal route.



A customer card allows users to review and update customer data and access customer history.


A product card provides access to key information about products, logistics data, price lists, and product pictures.


An application module that facilitates managing sales representatives' schedules. SRs can plan their work with the application and the ready-to-use route schedule can be immediately displayed on a digital map (Google Maps).


Users can review outstanding client invoices during a customer call or directly on a client card. Unpaid invoices can be imported directly from a financial-accounting system.


The course of a customer call is predefined by a client business administrator. The call can be differentiated according to its elements, compulsory nature, and agreed parameters – client category, sales channel, etc. The app gives the rep access to customer data, history and registers all tasks in the form of customer call elements.


This functionality allows the user to fill in predefined questionnaires and tasks.The questionnaires and tasks are used, among other things, for merchandising and for research of competitors or shelf prices.


POS material management allows employees to register an issue, check presence, order and installment/uninstallment of POS materials or fixed assets defined in the system.


This function enables short- and long-term absence registration. After registration, an absence notification is forwarded to an upper level manager for further acceptance.


The mobile application contains various predefined reports available for a sales representative. They include sales reports (sorted by range, client, and wholesale outlets), marketing reports (related to questionnaires and task completion), route completion, and sales/quality target completion.


This function of the application facilitates saving an employee’s position in various moments of their work, e.g. during calls or synchronization.


The mobile application can inform the user about important events in the system which are presented in the notification area. Notifications can be related to, e.g. new messages, unclosed working days, lack of information about current meter readings, or a turned off GPS device (if required).


The possibility of entering orders during customer visits. During their submission, the representative has mobile access to current inventory of available products and prices and customer terms of trade.


The application allows the user to assign both sales and quality targets to representatives. Their implementation can be tracked on an ongoing basis on a mobile device and by superiors.


During a visit to the client, the application notifies the rep about current promotions. Representatives may record promotional orders and benefits connected with them.


The ability to register the use of cars by agents and to monitor repairs or other events. Automatic notifications of upcoming inspections and warranty registration.


Steady and easy access to all the necessary sales and promotional materials. With this functionality, the representative always has access to all the information on his or her mobile device.


The functionality allows agents to enforce all kinds of distribution and visibility standards during a visit to the point of sale.


The application allows the representatives to record the business expenses. Registered costs are then passed on for the approval at the managerial level.


Provides constant two-way communication between employees and managers thanks to a single message or multiple text messages.

Features for your sector

  • Modern Trade
  • Traditional Trade
  • Horeca
  • Pharmacy Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Services

A modern mobile app that supports merchandisers in their daily work:

  • Freely configurable visits steps and elements
  • Collecting information from the market
  • Surveys

      - Distribution standards
      - Visibility standards

  • Access to the full history of cooperation – mobile CRM
  • Central promotions reporting
  • POS Marketing materials management
  • Functional calendar and routes management
  • Image recognition

App for Modern Trade

Comprehensive solution that makes sales processes more effective, smart and efficient:

  • Configurable steps and elements of every visit
  • Intuitive ordering processes:

      - Access to current stocks, prices, promotions and trade conditions
      - Suggestions

  • Access to the full history of cooperation – mobile CRM
  • Collecting information from the market
  • 360º products overview
  • POS Marketing materials management
  • Functional calendar and routes management

App for Traditional Trade

The world's first application, ready to meet the specific requirements of the HoReCa industry:

  • Access to the full history of cooperation and trade conditions – mobile CRM
  • Wine/drinks card creator
  • 360º products overview with expert knowledge

      - Region
      - Single Malt/Blended
      - Barrels
      - Age

  • Recipes – cross-selling with order suggestions
  • POS Marketing materials management
  • Functional calendar and routes management
  • Integration with call-center


The multiple functions of the application adapted to the medicines sales channel:

  • Access to the full history of cooperation – mobile CRM
  • Group calls
  • Functional calendar and routes management

      - visit announcements

  • Samples distribution
  • Marketing Materials Value

      - adaptation to restricted law requirements

  • Reporting
  • 360º products overview

      - professional product presentation

  • Knowledge database 

      - regular access to news on products (coming from Comarch ERP) 
      - information on doctors
      - information on pharmacies and drug stores (from third party systems)

App for Pharmacy Industry

Comprehensive solution that makes sales processes more effective, smart and efficient:

  • Freely configurable visits steps and elements
  • Offers and tenders management
  • Investment cards
  • Store equipment management

      - Installation/uninstallation

  • Service orders management
  • Intuitive ordering processes:

      - Special discounts management

  • 360º products overview
  • Workflow tasks
  • Functional calendar and routes management

      - Automated service visits

App for Construction Industry

A modern mobile app that supports field teams in their daily work:

  • Freely configurable visits steps and elements
  • Collecting information 

      - Surveys
      - Tasks
      - Notes
      - Notifications
      - GPS coordinates

  • Access to the full history of cooperation – mobile CRM
  • Functional calendar and routes management

App for Services

Technology designed for market leaders.



Comarch Helpdesk is the 1st line of support for Comarch SFA system users. Comarch consultants provide telephone support available in 6 languages (EN, DE, PL, UA, RU, FR) - 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.


Comarch 2nd line of support provides email support (ticketing system) concerning the installation, configuration and bug fixing.


Comarch provides additional mobile device services in order to ensure uninterrupted work for mobile users.


Comarch provides system users with professional training sessions. Trainings are carried out by a professional team of consultants from our Training Center.


Comarch Hosting provides a complete IT environment for applications located in one of the Data Center locations. The secure infrastructure and management services guarantee the efficient operation of business applications. Comarch Data Centers are located in Germany (Frankfurt, Dresden) , France (Lille), USA (Chicago), Poland (Cracow, Warsaw).


Comarch works with leading hardware suppliers, including mobile device manufacturers like Apple (Comarch is Apple’s Authorised Reseller) and Samsung.


As part of the implementation of the Online Distribution module, Comarch offers one-time or cyclical normalization and harmonization services for data obtained from distributors / wholesale outlets.


As part of the implementation of the Online Distribution module, the cyclical verification of data, obtained from distributors/wholesale outlets, is performed by comparing electronic data with hard-copy versions (reports, and lists generated by the distributor).


As part of the Geomarketing service we provide application sharing geocoordinate assignment to each point of sale.

Benefits of Mobile Sales Force



  • Increase in the efficiency of sales - full support for offering and sales processes
  • Increase in sales reps’ activity in the area of sales (suport of sales and service targets)
  • Automatic sales representative work reports
  • Support in everyday work – predefined call scenarios adjusted to the work of sales reps, client category, knowledge database, etc.
  • POS materials, fixed assets and management of marketing materials
  • Current contact with a superior – usage of the messaging module
  • Work plan management – calendar and route management
  • Shorter training for new employees – client history is available in the system

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