ING Bank Śląski belongs to the ING capital group. It is one of the leaders of the banking market in Poland. The bank operates all over the country in hundreds of units. Its main office is located in Katowice.

The main objective of ING Bank Śląski, which results from the company’s strategy, was to develop and strengthen its position in the Polish banking sector by providing integrated financial services and maintaining an image of a client-oriented bank.

Implemented solution

Comarch Document Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems allow a synergistic approach to processes, data and documents. 

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The Challenge


  • ING Bank Śląski operates all over Poland, in several hundreds locations. Before the implementation of the system, units were subordinate to regional Operation Centres, where procedural documents related to client requests were processed. To guarantee that customers receive the expected execution time of banking services, courier cars had to cover one thousand kilometres per day. Consequently, the bank came to the conclusion that paper document circulation connected with traditional customer service had became too slow, time-consuming and mistake-generating – bluntly it had become too expensive.
  • The natural course was to focus on taking advantage of digitalized documents, which may be instantly delivered wherever needed, thanks to a computer system infrastructure.
  • Economic analyses showed that central document processing would minimize costs and improve the efficiency of service delivery at the same time. The vacancies emerging after the elimination of scattered structures were partially used when establishing a ‘document processing plant’ in Katowice. In the end, the implementation of the system significantly reduced the work load related to customer service. An additional challenge was to create a scanning interface. Contrary to popular trends, it was decided that all documents would still be scanned locally, since centralizing the process would noticeably limit the benefits of the implementation.
  • Taking advantage of the central document archive provided cohesion, safety and better management, whereas local document digitalization solved the problem whereby documents could be accessed quickly thus reducing the amount of time required for customer service processes.




The answer to these requirements was Imaging Workflow Archiving (IWA) designed by Comarch specialists based on the FileNet P8 platform. The solution is an example of BPM/DMS platform implementation. Put simply, the platform itself consists of two main elements:

  • Archive
  • Workflow


The central document repository Archive facilitates the indexing, searching, storing and managing of permissions in digital document versions. Full integration with the scanning station, thanks to dedicated Comarch software, means that content from the bank’s divisions can easily be put into the repository.


Another crucial element of the IWA system was the Workflow component. Taking advantage of the new technology it allows the bank to change and redesign business processes. Using the Workflow component ensures reducing work consumption and better control over processes.


Work load reduction factors

  • Accurate connection of appropriate digital documents with suitable business processes implemented by Workflow 
  • Integration with existing dedicated applications for current processing cases used by the bank


Process monitoring improvement factors

  • Tools monitoring the timing of operations
  • Operations reporting
  • Analyses of the data periodically aggregated in OLAP technology


Business projects implemented in the first phase of the IWA project

  • Credit repayment/overpayment disposition
  • General disposition service, deposit
  • Memorial
  • Foreign orders service
  • Import letter of credit
  • Factoring launching
  • Account’s correction disposition
  • Credit launching
  • KKI, KSB data
  • Contract-annex-account closure
  • Instruction in the case of death
  • Standing order, direct debit
  • System (MIG, BIK) integration

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