The implementation of the Electronic Data Interchange at Metro Cash&Carry Ukraine

METRO GROUP is one of the largest companies in retail and wholesale. A branch of commercial METRO GROUP - METRO Cash & Carry, is present in 750 shopping centers in 29 countries around the world. The company employs over 120,000 people. In 2003, the company entered the Ukrainian market. Currently, 29 shopping centers METRO and four "METRO Base" operate in Ukraine and cooperate with more than 2,100 suppliers.

Implemented solutions

Comarch EDI

Comarch EDI provides efficient and secure exchange of data across the supply chain. Within a few days your business can start communicating electronically with all partners regardless of their technological maturity and geographical area. 

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The implementation of the Electronic Data Interchange at Metro Cash&Carry Ukraine

Situation before the EDI implementation


Both in Ukraine and in other countries, METRO GROUP pays particular attention to the possibility of using modern solutions to optimize processes related to the supply chain. Principles of electronic circulation of documents and its undoubted advantages that result from rapid, error-free and secure exchange of business information fully meet the needs of the network and its partners. METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by EDI.

Eliminating errors in the process of preparing contracts, shortening the time between sending the order and delivery, ensuring that the document will go to the recipient, as well as increasing the security level of business information exchange are the main reasons for the METRO decision to implement the project of electronic data interchange.


Project execution


The implementation in 2006 of the first type of electronic document – ORDER marked the beginning of the project. The following types of documents were introduced:

  • Order - ORDER - placing orders in electronic form (2006)
  • Despatch Advice – DESADV - electronic document informing about sent goods (2008)
  • Receiving Advice - RECADV - a document by which the network informs suppliers of the goods actually received (2009)
  • Bill of Lading - INVOIC - electronic waybill; document is created by a supplier of goods on the basis of an order and includes information about the actually delivered goods, its value, and the number of the order under which the delivery was being realized to the correct recipient. In response to this demand METRO network was equipped with an additional tool called Comarch EDI Tracking, which provides a range of
  • information, including e.g. information on the status of the document (2009).

Another module, introduced in the trade network was Comarch EDI Reporting module. It allowed METRO Cash & Carry to detect, on an ongoing basis, non-compliance with basic information about the item in the METRO's and suppliers’ accounting systems. In addition, this solution allowed the commercial network to track the percentage of return documents ( DESADV, INVOIC ) to orders and - depending on the outcome – to use a variety of tools to motivate suppliers to send return documents.

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