Supplier Management Optimization Reducing Process Duration and Costs

The joint-stock company Frosta AG is a medium-sized German company of the frozen food industry, which belongs to Europe‘s largest producers and suppliers. Its focus is particularly on fish, vegetables, and ready meals. In the frozen food sector, FRoSTA has achieved a revenue of EUR 386 million and a market share of about 25%, which make it the market leader for complete frozen dinners in Germany.

Implemented solution

Comarch EDI

Comarch EDI provides efficient and secure exchange of data across the supply chain. Within a few days your business can start communicating electronically with all partners regardless of their technological maturity and geographical area. 

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Initial Situation

Before the supplier portal Comarch WebEDI was introduced, FRoSTA did not have a solution for the exchange of electronic documents with smaller goods suppliers and service providers. Until the portal‘s implementation, the order processes were therefore characterized by media discontinuity, i.e. the orders were submitted via phone, e-mail, or paper document. Incoming invoices likewise had to be integrated laboriously into the existing invoice verification processes; being received in PDF format or paper form, they had to undergo an OCR process (Optical Character Recognition) first.



For these reasons, FRoSTA strived for a uniform integration of all suppliers into the electronic document exchange to systematically avoid media discontinuity within the exchange process. Avoiding media discontinuity improves the security, efficiency, and speed of the complete document exchange required to perform business processes. The subsequent electronic invoice processing is also supposed to be considerably facilitated and sped up by the transfer of EDI invoice data and related invoice data images (PDF documents). 


The Decision

In April 2014, FRoSTA decided to implement Comarch ECM. A workshop conducted to analyze FRoSTA‘s requirements concerning data transfer in detail and to individually adjust the WebEDI portal to the suppliers‘ needs enabled a deep understanding by both parties of the processes to be recreated and of Comarch EDI as a product.

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