Implementation of the SFA/CRM solution for IREKS

IREKS is a company that has supported bakers across the world for many years. Present today in over 90 countries, it has provided direct support to bakers and confectioners globally for over 160 years.

IREKS provides state-of-the-art baking ingredients, made with the best grain and natural materials and is a leading manufacturer of quality malts for breweries. In addition to this, the divisions flavourings, ice-cream products and the agricultural trade belong to the range of the Company Group.

Implemented solutions

Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force

Excellent and reliable app for sales representatives. It allows field sales reps to sell only on mobile devices.

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Implementation of the SFA/CRM solution for IREKS

In 2014, IREKS commissioned Comarch to deliver Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force. We designed our collaboration for many years ahead and started with deployment at Poland-based IREKS PROKOPOWICZ Sp. z o.o. Following the successful Polish deployment, IREKS commissioned Comarch in 2015 to proceed with the deployment in the UK, Denmark and Germany (at its daughter company DREIDOPPEL GmbH), and then, in 2016, in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Romania and countries of Pacific Asia. In 2017, deployments in other countries will follow.


Deployment of Comarch SFA/CRM solution


IREKS field staff members represent two main categories: sales people and technologists, and the CRM/SFA system was meant to support all of them. Due to the industry’s nature and the varying degree of IT maturity across different countries, some of the IREKS companies had previously used some other CRM/SFA solutions, while others had not. Those who had used such solutions had deployed them independently of and without working with other members of the group.

The biggest challenge prior to 2014 was the absence of standardized processes, the downside of separated systems and data and low IT support for the majority of field employees in their day-to-day work.

Comarch came up with a unified solution, Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force for iPad devices, intended to cover as many countries of the IREKS Group as possible. The system was designed to support both field sales representatives and technologists, who follow different goals and work guidelines as well area sales managers with different responsibilities and requirements.

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