Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force Apps in DIAGEO Polska

Diageo is a producer and distributor of one of the most globally recognizable brands of alcohol in the category of strong alcohols, wines and beers. Its portfolio includes brands such as Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, J&B, Baileys, Cuervo, Tanqueray, Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Beaulieu Vineyard and Sterling Vineyards wines.

Implemented solutions

Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force

Excellent and reliable app for sales representatives. It allows field sales reps to sell only on mobile devices.

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Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force Apps in DIAGEO Polska

Diageo Polska has entered into cooperation with Comarch SA in relation to the IT support system for a mobile sales force: Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force Apps. The pilot project, which started in March 2010 and lasted until June 2010, proved successful and Diageo Poland decided to apply the implementation to the entire sales organization in Poland. At present, the Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force Apps system is being used by all employees in Diageo Polska in all sale channels (traditional, modern and HoReCa).


  • Pilot implementation and the initiation of the project in poland in 2010
  • Recently the project has been expanded onto 6 european countries
  • Mobile app for sales reps is available for smartphones and tablets
  • Fully configurable app that services specific diageo requirements


Situation before implementation of the Comarch SFA


Since 2000, Diageo Polska has used the Siebel system to support sales from their worldwide network of sales. Due to the corporate nature of the solution, it began to live its own life over time and was not able to come to terms with the specific nature of the local market and with the changing business reality. Thus, execution of Diageo’s eight step standard for trade visits, termed the 8 steps call standard, also became problematic. The system did not allow for fast execution of each stage of the visit and did not work interactively with the user. Moreover, the insularity of the solution and its lack of integration with Diageo’s internal systems resulted in a situation where the system supplied by Siebel ceased to meet the basic needs of Diageo Polska’s sales organization.

Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force Apps system



In order to quickly facilitate execution of the 8 steps call standard, Comarch SA offered implementation of the Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force Apps system. The implementation of the system was carried out with the use of the latest equipment available in the market by HTC, the HTC HD2, fitted with a capacity touch screen which supports using gestures in operation of the equipment and the Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force Apps application. During the project there was an upgrade of the solution to smartphones and tablets with Android system. A series of several analytical meetings by both the Diageo Polska and Comarch SA implementation teams resulted in the development of the final functionality for implementation and the scope of reporting dedicated for users in each level of the organizational structure. During the implementation, Comarch SA consultants worked with sales representatives in the field, observing how the Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force Apps application handles users’ actual operational conditions.

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