About Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is the oldest chain of DIY stores offering a broad range of construction, renovation, decoration and garden products in Poland. The first store was opened in 1996 in Piaseczno near Warsaw, and by 2012 there were 43 Leroy Merlin stores in various towns and cities, with  surface areas ranging from 6,000 to 18,000 m2. Leroy Merlin is also one of the largest home improvement store chains in Europe. The company belongs to GROUPE ADEO.

How it works

The aim of the DOM (HOUSE) loyalty program is to reward the most valuable customers of Leroy Merlin. It is available in all Leroy Merlin stores in Poland. Customers are able to join the program by filling in the registration form available at the program website or in the Program Centre in each store. Having filled in the form, to obtain and activate the loyalty card the customer needs to visit the Program Centre at a selected store.

Each program participant receives three cards: one main card and two additional  ones. The cards are not personalized and it is possible to earn loyalty points on a participant’s account every time a transaction is made at a Leroy Merlin store. All of the cards enable DOM Program points to be earned and they entitle members to gain discounts and other program rewards. 

Having entered the program, a participant is entitled to a welcome discount of 5% for a one-time purchase at Leroy Merlin. The discount is valid for a period of one month following card activation. A program participant’s account is valid for a period of 12 months from the day of card activation, and for six months following account expiry the participant keeps all points which have  been accumulated. Renewing
for a further year is free of charge.

Rules for points issuance

Loyalty points are granted to the account of a program participant with every purchase, even purchases bought with a discount. They are calculated on the basis of the amount spent at Leroy Merlin and granted for all transactions, regardless of method of payment. When points are awarded, the participant is informed by email or SMS. 

According to the rules of the loyalty program, a participant receives one point for every PLN 5 spent per transaction. Every time a participant
has accumulated 1,000 points, they can be redeemed for a singleuse 10% discount on their next purchase at Leroy Merlin. For this discounted purchase the participant is also granted points, at the rate of one point per PLN 10 spent. The discounts granted as a result of the accumulated loyalty points may not be combined, but they may be redeemed at subsequent transactions. The points are visible on the customer’s loyalty account the day following a given transaction.

Communication with participants

Information on the number of points on a participant’s account is available at cash desks in all stores, which is also where customer entitlement to a discount is verified, along with account validity. Access to this information is also possible to learn from a shop assistant, in Program Centres and at www.leroymerlin.pl. 

Participants are also informed of account expiry and the possibility of prolonging it by email or SMS.

Additional benefits

Besides the possibility of using discounts, participation in the program ensures convenience in the relationship with Leroy Merlin at subsequent purchases, thanks to the online transaction history available via a dedicated member website. This provides access to information on previous purchases and the easy selection of products similar to those already bought, as well as the return of products without the need to present a receipt. It also helps the customer to control expenses and be informed of actual running costs. In addition, program participants are guaranteed delivery of purchased products on the day of purchase, and are also allowed to buy the ”House with an Idea” interior design magazine for just one grosz (PLN 0.01).

Learn More About The Implemented Product

Comarch Loyalty Management

One of the main challenges for customer-oriented enterprises is to create a strong bond between customers and the brand.

System implementation

The implementation of Comarch Loyalty Management at the Leroy Merlin chain of stores finished in April 2008. The project was accomplished within six months. 

The Comarch Loyalty Management system implemented at the Leroy Merlin stores consists of the Business Administration application, the B2C web application for customers and the application for Customer Service Offices at stores, offering all of the features related to customer registration and bonus redemption. The system was implemented at the Data Center located at Leroy Merlin head office, gathering data in a central database. 

The system was implemented on an offline model. Transactional loyalty data is registered in the cash system and, once assigned to the number of the loyalty card, transferred once a day, as part of a single file, to the loyalty system for further processing. Redemption operations which decrease the loyalty points balance are registered on-line in the system

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