Comarch ICT at Schnellecke

Schnellecke is a reliable partner in delivering complex logistics and transportation assignments for the automotive industry. It is a family business which develops tailor-made concepts for its customers in order to secure optimum efficiency and process security.

Moreover, it manages and optimizes supply streams, when required completes packing and just in time or just in sequence supplies for production lines as well as takes over the assembly of components and pre-assembly of whole units. With 16,000 employees operating in 14 lands, the company is able to link suppliers and manufacturers.

Implemented solution

Comarch Data Center

Modern data processing and storage facilities used as an alternative for companies to expanding their IT infrastructure resources.

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Comarch ICT at Schnellecke



Under the companies’ Outsourcing Agreement, Comarch provides Schnellecke with the PaaS (Platform as a Service). Thus, Schnellecke has received access to a cloud-based computer platform for developers of web applications. Additionally, the whole IT server infrastructure of Schnellecke is operated at Comarch’s Data Center in Dresden in accordance with the strictest European data protection regulations, including the test server, the testing environment as well as other additional servers. Comarch provides the capacities of its data canter, hardware, software, internet connections as well as IT for operations, along with the management and administration (Managed Server) of IDL application. As a result, the process efficiency at Schnellecke has been considerably improved.

For its customers, Schnellecke provides the best process efficiency in the automotive industry, at the same time guarantying the best quality of its logistic services.


Remarks from Schnellecke


Schnellecke has opted for IT services delivered by Comarch as its portfolio and assistance perfectly match our high requirements and expectations. On the basis of our very positive experiences gathered so far we have decided to order more comprehensive services from the company. ICT services rendered by Comarch support the implementation of our digitalization strategy.


Dr. Abaid Goda, Authorized Officer and Senior Manager IT – Operation at Schnellecke


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