Comarch Beacon




Comarch Beacon is an innovative solution that allows businesses to have personalized conversations with customers when they are within a certain proximity of the business location.



Comarch Beacon is supported by proximity-detection technology, which fosters two-way communication between the application and the transmitter and, unlike GPS, works indoors. It supports passive (listener) and active (broadcaster) actions allowing the business users to gain better insights into traffic in their restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, airports etc. and target customers with contextually relevant notifications in real-time, based on their behavior within the establishment. The solution is compatible with iOS and Android.

Below you can find samples of using Comarch Beacon solution:

Customer Experience 2.0. with Shopping Mall!

SHOPPING MALL What if all customers that visit a shopping mall would experience a fully personalized communication and get offers that were read in their minds? What if every offer would be tailored to exact customer needs? And of course all communications would go through new channels. It’s not a vision of the future, those features are results of Shopping Mall – a product dedicated to huge shops and shopping malls that can bring every customer experience onto a new level.

Encourage customers to enter your establishment

COMARCH SFA BEACON Using Comarch Beacon you can invite your customers to pubs, restaurants, casinos or wherever you want and urge them to take advantage of your offer. Whenever the clients are near a club where your Comarch Beacon is placed, they will receive a message on their smartphones encouraging them to come inside and informing them about current promotions, events or special offers.

Invite your customers in and 'beacon' them through your offers and promotions

COMARCH LOYALTY MANAGEMENT MOBILE APP Comarch Beacon micro-location technology opens up completely new opportunities for targeted and personalized communication with loyalty program members. Using the Beacon transmitters you can locate the customer and prompt a dedicated real-time message related to the passed products or checkpoints on his or her smartphone. While generating the message, you can exploit all your knowledge about the customer's loyalty status and prior purchasing decisions, so you can not only offer the loyalty program benefits but also suggest products that the customer might like.

Identify your customers and make them feel distinguished from the crowd

COMARCH LOYALTY MANAGEMENT B2B Welcoming the customers and sending them dedicated offers doesn't use up all the possibilities offered by Comarch Beacon. You can also forward information about the customer's presence at a particular location to the loyalty back-end application. This part of the system, operated by the store personnel, provides the on-line updated list of program members entering the store, combined with all useful data, like e.g. tier level, current account balance, date of last visit, last purchase details and also customer's on-line response to the offers prompted on a customer mobile at the store.

Use the Beacons to gamify your customers

COMARCH CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT Customer's indoor identification combined with a variety of gamification scenarios gives you a great opportunity to define a dedicated engagement path for any given loyalty program member. Engage program members using Beacon technology by facing them with suitable challenges and achieve business goals like cross-selling or enrollment process (member gets member).

Keep your passengers informed and on time

COMARCH LOYALTY MANAGEMENT FOR TRAVEL Using the Comarch Beacon signal you can estimate where the departing passengers are located and prompt dedicated real-time messages related to the incoming flight on their smartphones. The information will incorporate boarding time, departure time and gate number. For the arriving passengers you can also provide the information which luggage carousel their baggage will come out on and what is the expected waiting time.

Identify your high value passengers and make them feel welcome

COMARCH LOYALTY MANAGEMENT FOR TRAVEL Using Comarch Beacon placed behind the airport security control you can invite the Elite Tier members of your Frequent Flyer Program to the business lounge and offer them exclusive promotions from your airport partners. You can also be sure that the loyalty system will forward information about the passenger's presence together with customer loyalty history to the back-end application or onto Google Glasses operated by the lounge personnel. Now they can individually welcome the passengers and treat them according to their member status.

Improve the management of returnable packaging

COMARCH EDI FOR LOGISTICS You can identify and monitor the flow of logistic units and enhance current balance negotiation with your partners. With Comarch Beacon you have access to updated information, with exact timing, about the volumes of packages sent and received. Ensure smooth operations of the supply chain!

Simple management of the delivery process

COMARCH EDI FOR LOGISTICS Using Comarch Beacon you can plan the schedule of your deliveries with your suppliers and LSPs and limit the queues in front of your DCs. With Comarch EDI and Comarch Beacon you may adjust the schedule on-line and inform the drivers delayed for their time slot (e.g. traffic jams, accidents) about the availability of ramps. Make your warehouse operations efficient!

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