Sales Channel Management

As a Communication Service Provider you've invested a lot in increasing your ability to provide modern and competitive services. Now it’s time to sell them. Your sales team already has the essential skills, but they should stay highly motivated to keep being successful. They need to reach customers in their homes, in streets or public spaces, be able to enticingly present your offer and sell the product right away.

Comarch Sales Channel Management optimizes sales force efforts and helps service providers increase sales. The highly efficient Comarch Commission & Incentive module enables implementing innovative strategies and optimizing your sales force compensation plans. Pre-integrated with the Comarch BSS suite, the tablet based Comarch Mobile Sales lets your sales representatives check the most up-to-date customer data from any location at any time, verify service availability and register new contracts. Comarch Logistics Management allows to verify, control and automate the replenishment of stock levels for selling points.

Telecom Sales Channel Management - Comarch Solution Benefits

Increase Sales Force Efficiency

Motivate your sales team with custom individual compensation plans, easily organize their work and send them up-to-date information anytime and anywhere to prepare the best possible offer.

Manage Relations with Your Agents

Calculate sales goal achievements for each sales agent or for the whole sales structure, centralize data management and eliminate misleading accounts.

Know Your Customer First

Grant your field sales representatives access to the customer base and plan their selling strategy accordingly. Make sure they only promise what you can deliver.

Don’t Let Your Customers Wait for Their Service

Send availability enquiries to the Field Service Management system to schedule installation or simply activate a new offer available at the customer’s location.

Comarch Sales Channel Management consists of:

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