Next Generation Service Fulfillment

Comarch Next Generation Service Fulfillment (NGSF) is a solution designed to reduce time to market and automate the telecom service fulfillment process for customer service delivery on-top of a hybrid network. The solution employs the model-driven (catalog-driven) concept, which enables the orchestration of hybrid networks where virtual network functions and network services are modeled consistently, with physical network functions and “legacy” network services employing the TMF SID model. NGSF (using ETSI NFV ISG terminology) can implement end to end service and MANO orchestration, and manage the VNF instantiation process. The solution can implement this process ether as one solution or in a federation model orchestrating third-party domain orchestrators. 

Telecom Service Fulfillment - Comarch Solution Benefits

Deliver new services based on hybrid networks (NFV/SDN and legacy networks)

Benefit quickly from NFV/SDN technology combined with a legacy network to deliver new customer services. New network functions can be easily on-boarded into the service catalog, and new services for customers can be created using the service and resource catalog to avoid coding and scripting. Pre-integration with BSS Product Catalog enable CSPs to offer new products, and embrace the “fail fast”, “beta service” concepts of the OTT world.

Increase the creativity of product/service managers

Let your employees easily assemble new services, thanks to reusing pre-defined service components - the solution is based on the TMF SID:CFS-RFS-R model, so system operators can easily define new services directly in the service catalog without having to understand the technical aspects of the SOA technology. Speed-up service creation by introducing better reusability of service components. Easily incorporate partners’ services into your portfolio to pave the way to becoming service aggregators.

Improve time to market for convergent offers

Quickly launch and deliver next-generation convergent offers (including digital and content-augmented services) regardless of the underlying technology, thanks to the ability to build services from pre-defined components managed in the service catalog. Shorten product lifecycles thanks to the service fulfillment process based on a central product & service catalog.

Align service offers with network capabilities

Improve the relation between service offers and network capabilities by centering the service fulfillment process around integrated product & service catalogs. Achieve true customer centricity – the solution inspires a shift of the core competence from network operations to customer service innovation.

Increase business efficiency and cut costs

Lower TCO as a result of automating the service fulfillment process. Decrease the costs of service launch, delivery and provisioning thanks to service fulfillment automation. Quickly and easily integrate third-party service components, existing legacy systems and service infrastructure by using Comarch Service Inventory as an integration hub. Consolidate many vertical OSS systems to a horizontal platform in a step by step manner.

 Telecom Service Fulfillment in Hybrid Networks (Traditional and Virtualized)

Comarch Next Generation Service Fulfillment


The solution assumes building services from pre-defined components managed in the service catalog, thus enabling CSPs to reduce time to market for new offers and maintain a high level of innovation in their product portfolio. In the NFV/SDN era, these pre-defined components can be introduced much more quickly than by using traditional hardware-based services. This unleashes the full potential of catalog-based modeling, which, prior to the NFV/SDN era, was hampered by the physical limitations of networks. Thanks to catalog-driven orchestration, NGSF enables the swift introduction of traditional and digital services, delivered in sophisticated value chains. The fulfillment process is realized on top of existing technological silos, which allows step by step transformation programs without the need for huge up-front investments.

Comarch Next Generation Service Fulfillment consists of:

Ensuring Efficient Service Fulfillment for VPN-based B2B Telecom Services - Case Study


 Considering the comprehensiveness of the solution and its complexity, as well as our ambitious timeframes, we were looking for an experienced and reliable BSS/OSS provider. Comarch has cooperated with various large telco operators, including the Deutsche Telekom group, on various projects over the past 10 years, and that trust was an important factor behind choosing them to be a partner in this strategically important project.

Comarch has demonstrated an understanding of our demands and we engaged in truly collaborative solution development. Their dynamic approach and their ability to listen to our technical and business needs, as well as to adjust the development to best support our goals, convinces us we made the right decision. 

Dr. Marcus Hacke, Founder & Managing Director, ngena GmbH

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