Next Generation Service Assurance

Comarch Next Generation Service Assurance transforms traditional network-centric fault management into an assurance solution focused on customer service. The main purpose of the telecom service assurance system is to enhance customer service pro-activeness capabilities. This is possible because the system allows early detection of network problems and the ability to predict and calculate customer service impact based on the service models from service catalog and inventory systems. The solution is capable of monitoring digital services based on complex value chains, and of aggregating information from partners’ systems and converged networks, including IT infrastructure, and fixed, mobile and cable access domains.

Pro-activeness and reducing the time needed to resolve service incidents are the main benefits of the telecom service assurance solution. They arise from its pre-integration with service catalog and service inventory systems. The service model and service topology information are crucial capabilities, enabling the system to take into account the different requirements that services may have of the underlying network, and to calculate and predict the customer service impact accurately.

Next Generation Service Assurance - Comarch Solution Benefits


Thanks to the highest level of integration and applying an ‘all in one’ concept, as well as the high level of automation in both customer service impact calculation and root cause analysis, Comarch NGSA allows you to decrease both capital and operational costs.

See Your Network Through Your Customers’ Eyes

Comarch NGSA helps you shift towards a business-oriented view of your network and service quality, focusing on customer service.

Reduce Churn by Quickly Resolving Problems

Deliver the highest quality of service and make your customers feel special, thanks to the ability to managing service information comprehensively, and to resolving service quality problems and incidents quickly and efficiently.

Improve SLA Management for Business Customers

Because network events can be translated, automatically and directly, into customer impact, SLA Management becomes quick and efficient and allows you to offer even more demanding SLA conditions.

Comarch Service Assurance solution for telecoms consists of:

Optimizing Service Assurance - Case Study

With their modern and innovative OSS portfolio, Comarch has repeatedly demonstrated strong and reliable business partnering with Vodafone. Comarch has provided high quality COTS products, coupled with their impeccable services to implement solutions on time and within budget, adapting swiftly to new business requirements arising during and post implementation. Considering dimensions such as: time-to-market; quality to market; customer obsession; agility; value; innovation, Comarch is a partner who invariably ticks all of the boxes.

Shane Gaffney, Director of OSS, Central Europe, Vodafone 

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