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Gartner, Competitive Landscape: Cross-Channel, Centralized, Catalog-Driven CRM, Order Management and Service Fulfillment for CSPs, Worldwide, 2014

Comarch addresses product catalog, service catalog and order management in a cohesive fashion to enable process transformation. The Comarch Next Generation Service Fulfillment solution implements service-catalog-driven fulfillment for customer service orders. Allowing pre-integration with Comarch Central Product Manager and Comarch CRM, the solution covers the entire order-to-cash value chain. The solution manages the complete life cycle of services, including service inception, with value chain management. It enables catalog-driven fulfilment including partner offerings, partner platform orchestration, augmented with billing, settlement and SLA management capabilities. The joint custom-development of front-end business configuration CPQ capabilities represents a competitive advantage. Comarch's service catalog-driven fulfillment solutions also support heterogeneous cloud and SDN delivery models. Over the past year, Comarch has revamped its existing fulfillment offering, Digital Service Management, in order to facilitate the fast rollout of complex composite and digital services based on complex value chains.

Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Operations Support Systems, 2013

Comarch’s OSS products are highly configurable and characterized by feature-rich and out-of the box functionality, yet allow easy customization upon customer needs and interoperability with assurance and fulfillment legacy systems.


  • The three-layer application architecture (based on the Model-View-Controller software architecture pattern) enables flexible and easy system data model changes and configuration, without requiring new custom developments.
  • (...) A strong product road map and vision that address key CSP initiatives to grow revenue, improve operational efficiency and customer experience  such as over-the-top, machine-to-machine (M2M) and industry verticals’ service enablement and monetization mechanisms  as well as an integrated product and service catalog.
  • Comarch is seeking a strategic supplier position through incremental expansion of existing customer deals. A common competitive differentiator for European CSPs appears to be Comarch’s nearshore presence and its attractive price/performance ratio.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Integrated Revenue and Customer Management, 2013


  • Despite its relatively small IRCM revenue base, Comarch has a strong product portfolio that covers most areas of IRCM.
  • The company has gained traction for M2M connectivity platforms and is investing in B2B and CSP asset monetization solutions.
  • Comarch’s flexible and cooperative approach, even in highly complex projects, accounts for high client satisfaction.

Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Integrated Revenue and Customer Management for CSPs, 19 November 2012

"The Comarch Convergent Billing system forms the cornerstone of its product and solution offerings in this space. The company has been making investments in an enterprise product catalog to cover most product life cycle management processes. In addition, other areas for investment include policy management, preintegrated BI and self-service capability, and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity platform and architecture improvements.


  • Despite its relatively small revenue base, Comarch has a strong product portfolio that covers most areas of IRCM.
  • It focuses on customer centricity through modularity in component design and flexible delivery models. The subcomponents are standards-based and have common architectural constructs, such as data model and process workflows.
  • Early traction in growth areas such as M2M connectivity platforms enables Comarch to leverage its IRCM offering and group-level multivertical focus."

Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Operations Support Systems, 23 October 2012

"Comarch is a multi-industry IT business solution provider, headquartered in Poland, with a particular focus on the telco vertical. The company has improved its position as a Challenger in this Magic Quadrant, and provides an end-to-end, modularized OSS/BSS suite, based on an open architecture and without the necessity of utilizing the whole stack. Its OSS products are based on the latest technologies, have been developed from scratch, are highly configurable and are easy to customize.


  • A strong framework approach and an open, flexible and modern architecture based on service-oriented and business process management principles ensure ample interoperability with legacy systems. The three-layer application architecture enables very flexible system data model changes and configuration, without requiring new custom developments.

  • Among Comarch's differentiators is the intrinsic process modeling functionality of its suite, which is offered as process-driven, integrated inventory management and next-generation service assurance products.

  • Initially catering to lower-tier CSPs, Comarch has also gained traction with larger companies, especially some of the Pan-European CSPs, such as T-Mobile and Vodafone. Comarch is seeking a strategic supplier position through incremental expansion of existing customer deals. A common competitive differentiator for European CSPs appears to be Comarch's nearshore presence.

  • Pricing is competitive due to its headquarters in Poland."

GARTNER, Market Trends: Worldwide, OSS and BSS Help Bridge the Customer Experience Gap, 2013

"The key idea around customer experience management is to pull solutions addressing various resource-, customer- and service-facing components to more efficient productized or managed solutions. For many of the established suppliers, such as (…) Comarch, this gives an opportunity to enhance their solution footprint within a CSP organization.

  • Built on OSS service assurance and BSS/customer management domain

  • Custom developed end-to-end CEM solutions across network, IT marketing, customer management


GARTNER, Competitive Landscape: Evolution of Integrated Product/Service Catalog and Order Management Solutions, 2011

„Comarch has emerged as a new player in this market. Central Product Manager is essentially a part of the Comarch BSS Suite. However, it is managed and delivered as part of a larger, comprehensive solution which consists of BSS and OSS products such as Service Catalog and Next Generation Service Fulfillment.

Comarch differentiates itself through a strong framework approach and open and flexible architecture complying to SOA and business process management (BPM) principles, which ensures ample operability with legacy systems.”

Analysys Mason, A Series of Partner Settlement Profiles, by Larry Goldman and Teresa Cottam

„Comarch has a very broad set of capabilities for partner settlement and management, and a comprehensive vision of supporting this part of a CSP’s business. In has an integrated and convergent products set that has carrier grade performance and scalability. It is able to easily support business change as it has a very flexible configuration plus rule-based rating. Its vision for partner settlements extends beyond traditional interconnect settlement and roaming settlement into the newer areas of partner settlement that support partners that supply parts of complex services (content, applocations and so on). Partner settlement is a core competency for Comarch but can also be supplied as part of a larger OSS/BSS installation. The company is able to provide its own systems integration services and professional support.”

OSS/BSS Global Competitive Strategies

„The Comarch FSM solution is an integrated solution for scheduling, staffing, managing and supporting the workforce in the field. The solution optimizes skilled resources and schedules using modifiable and adjustable ratings based on business needs.”

PAC, Comarch Group in Poland

„Comarch’s strenghts:

  • Compact organizational structure relative to its domestic peer

  • Verticalised market approach: dedicated go-to-markets and delivery structures for Telecom, Financials, Public, SME/ERP

  • Technology-driven and solution-led mindset: drives both proprietary solution sets and systems integration

  • Early leader in SaaS in Poland

  • Lower dependence on the local market: over 40% of revenue from export”

Frost & Sullivan, OSS/BSS Integration, the Building Block of the Era of „Big Data", 2010

„Frost & Sullivan believes that Comarch’s concept of customer-focused OSS aligns well with the increasingly customer-centric orientation of CSPs. The solution primarily aims to enhance customer value and improve customer experience.”

Yankee Group, Comarch is a new breed BOSS supplier, 2005

„Long-standing technology providers should not underestimate the low-cost leaders. Carrier RFPs are far reaching in terms of the number of vendors that they touch. Companies such as Comarch […] are showing up in competitive bids in almost all regions of the world.”


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