SLA monitoring

A telecom SLA (service level agreement) defines a set of specific services tuned to the needs of a given customer, along with quality parameters that can be technical (e.g. measured service availability) or organizational (e.g. reaction time or notification time). SLAs can also define rate reductions and discounts that are applied when a service provider fails to meet the desired service parameters or does not fulfill an agreement. Under the general terms of a telecom SLA, service infringements significantly reduce the revenue from specific services.

Comarch SLA Monitoring allows telecom operators to define and monitor services and related to SLA management, increasing customer satisfaction and minimizing losses resulting from SLA complaints.

Telecom SLA Management & Monitoring - Comarch Solution Benefits:

SLA templates definition and management

The system supports multiple SLAs assigned to a single service, detects problems with the fulfillment of each SLA agreement, performs actions to facilitate rapid decisions to minimize losses arising from SLA discounts, and prevents similar SLA infringements in the future.

Service report generation

Based on service inventory contents, service health data, service performance metrics, predefined and ad hoc reports and scheduled report generation.

Integration with Comarch Fault Management

Enables collection of fault events and off the shelf integration with Comarch Network Performance Management for the collection of performance data (KPIs).

Easy integration with CRM or sales support solutions

This kind of integration allows changes to a customer contract to be updated quickly and easily. The system uses subscriber lists that are common in CRM systems, enabling operators to change customer information immediately. An intuitive graphical user interface allows even complex agreements to be introduced quickly.

Comarch SLA Monitoring - Features

Support for the entire SLA management process

Starting from SLA product definition, through signing an agreement and attaching it to existing services, up to SLA fulfillment monitoring and settlement.

Real time SLA fulfillment monitoring

The system enables SLA fulfillment processes to be monitored in real time, and thus enables rapid reactions to potential SLA breaches for increased satisfaction of your business partners.

Service health monitoring

Based on network fault data that involves near real time analysis of business impact of network faults, near real time overview of service condition, and generation of alarms in case of service problems.

Escalation mechanisms

Automatic escalations send immediate notifications in the event of SLA infringements, reducing potential losses.

Comarch SLA Monitoring is a part of:

Optimizing SLA Management & Monitoring for VIP Customers - Case Study

I am confident that Comarch solutions will enable MTS to accomplish transition from a network-centric towards a customer-centric OSS ecosystem sith an ultimate goal of creating the best customer experience.

Andrey Ushatsky, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MTS

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