Service Monitoring

Comarch Service Monitoring lets you monitor services implemented over various network technologies and management domains. Events originating from different sources, such as Fault Management system, Service Quality Management and Performance Management, are correlated and processed in Service Monitoring to perform impact analysis for the service. The result of the analysis is presented graphically on a service tree, to give the service operator a quick insight into the current situation.

Compared to other Service Monitoring systems available on the market, Comarch Service Monitoring is a part of broader, pre-integrated platform - Comarch Next Generation Service Assurance. Together with the Fault Management and Service Quality Management modules, which use the same software platform, the Comarch Next Generation Service Assurance platform gives you a real ‘Single Pane of Glass’ experience with the same ‘look and feel’. The platform will boost your Network and Service Operation Center performance. 

Comarch BSS OSS Products - Telecom Service Monitoring

Telecom Service Monitoring - Comarch Solution Benefits

Automate Root-Cause Analysis

Resolve customer incidents more rapidly, by automating root-cause analysis through network faults drill-down.

Easily Simulate Network Outages

If you are planning outages in the network, you want to know what impact they will have on services. Comarch SQM allows you to simulate network outages and perform automated impact analysis.

Achieve Optimal Resource Utilization

Implement a system that prevents resource wastage by fixing complex network problems with minimal effect on services.

Enjoy the Single Pane of Glass Approach

Improve the incident management process and significantly decrease MTTR (Mean Time to Restore) for services. The service operator is able to access detailed information regarding the affected service and the root cause.

Comarch Service Monitoring - Features

Service-tree visualization

Using graphical presentation of service structure with information about alarms, the service operator is able to quickly see the status of the service.

Flexible propagation rules

The service operator is able to define sophisticated propagation rules reflecting the configuration in the network, for example, redundancy, fail-over, single-point of failure.

Prioritization of network faults

Comarch Service Monitoring helps you prioritize network fault resolution processes according to the customer service impact, and in turn enhances your customer experience and optimizes costs.

Part of broader platform

This Comarch product is a part of the broader, pre-integrated Comarch Next Generation Service Assurance. It allows a single, unified view of monitored services, thanks to seamless integration with the Fault Management and Service Quality Management modules operating on the same software platform.

Service Monitoring as part of Comarch Next Generation Service Assurance solution for telecoms

Comarch Next Generation Service Assurance

Comarch Service Monitoring is a part of:

Optimizing Service Monitoring for Telecom VIP Customers - Case Study

I am confident that Comarch solutions will enable MTS to accomplish transition from a network-centric towards a customer-centric OSS ecosystem with an ultimate goal of creating the best customer experience.

Andrey Ushatsky, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MTS

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