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Customers are currently highly aware, and demand the same level of service and simplicity when consuming telecommunication services as they used to have when buying goods via Amazon or managing their accommodation via AirBnB. They want to be able to use the channels of their choice when engaging with their telco provider, and this, for the majority of customers obviously means omnichannel in the mobile world in which we live today.

Comarch Self Care plays a crucial role in the Comarch Omni-Experience suite, as customers can use the app on their mobile device as well as a web version on their desktop. Comarch Self Care, integrated with major social media platforms, provides customers with telecom specific services around the clock. This comprehensive telecom self-service system allows customers to view and analyze financial documents, check information about their accounts, activate and deactivate services, and communicate with back office staff in a comfortable and flexible manner.

Self-Service for Telecoms - Comarch Solution Benefits

Introduce true omnichannel experience

Increase your customers’ satisfaction by letting them choose the most convenient, always on, engagement channel. Regardless of whether a customer uses a desktop or mobile device, the experience is always appropriate to their channel of choice - and to the task. With Comarch Omni-Experience suite, a customer can switch from Self Care to another channel, such as Call Center or Point of Sale, at any time and without needing to repeat information already provided.

Lower the cost of customer service

Reduce the workload of your customer service teams, by eliminating the number of customer service calls and moving bulk of customer management into the hands of your clients.

Boost your marketing and sales

Enhance your marketing efforts, thanks to a non-intrusive direct marketing platform for advertising new services and promotions. Increase the number of new sales orders, thanks to the ability to reach your customers with well targeted, personalized offers directly to their mobile device or desktop.

Turn Your Customers into Your Brand Advocates

Connect with customers through social media channels (such as Facebook or Google) to let them share their experiences with your services, and motivate them using rewards. Let them use their social media identity when engaging with you.

Give customers better control over their finances

Let your customers browse invoices online, perform online top-ups and payments, review financial operations history, browse financial documents, and choose the language used by the system during a particular session.

Simplify selling and trouble ticketing

Empower your clients to easily access information about new services and products available, activate or deactivate services, or report issues in a convenient and simple way. Let the telco service specific wizards guide your customers through sales or problem resolution processes.

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Empowering Enterprise Customers with Telecom Self-Service Tools - Case Study

The components of KPN's previous BSS system required vast amounts of manual work being carried out by its users. Finally, a decision was made to purchase a new, integrated solution, and Comarch matched our requirements perfectly. 

Cees Versteeg, Director IT and Operations, KPN Managed Mobile Solutions

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