Performance Management

Improving customer experience demands effective processing and monitoring of network metrics. Additionally, decision makers expect efficient presentation of reports supporting the right strategic network investment decisions. Growing traffic and the introduction of advanced monitoring technologies result in the urgent need to process huge amounts of data in near real time. 


Comarch Performance Management is a complex visualization, analysis and reporting tool designed for multi-vendor and multi-technology resources, and for service quality management. The product allows processing big data through Hadoop integration. Comarch Performance Management is integrated with the Comarch Next Generation Service Assurance solution, to expand service assurance capabilities, help improve customer experience and decrease capital and operational costs.


Mobile Network Performance Management - Comarch Solution Benefits:

Detect and resolve network issues proactively

Comarch Performance Management enables proactiveness and the early detection of network performance issues which may cause customer experience problems. The threshold alarm mechanism triggers early reaction and prevention processes, to ensure that your network is always performing at its best and to keep your customers happy.

Identify network bottlenecks and take action

Detect congestion and identify network bottlenecks, thanks to an ability to collect and correlate KPIs from various network domains. The discovery of bottlenecks is facilitated by presenting KPIs in the context of network resources.

Aggregate multi-vendor data

Benefit from performance insight into multi-vendor networks, and unify vendor-specific performance metrics easily, through Comarch OSS Mediation.

Scan Your network thoroughly & improve efficiency

Model and discover dependencies between various KPIs easily, in order to automate problem identification processes. Inspect performance management issues thoroughly, via network topology insight and pre-integration with network inventories, in order to detect the root of a problem accurately.

Performance Management - Product Features

Predefined library of KPI

Based on our experience, we have built a library of KPIs that help customers to quickly gain business benefits from Performance Management implementation.

Real time monitoring

Comarch PM provides dedicated reports showing important information in real time. If the predefined threshold is crossed, the system generates a specialized event (Threshold Crossing Event), which is forwarded to the Fault Management system for further correlation.

Build performance dashboards

Build dashboards for various stakeholders, based on complex and detailed metrics for operators and ending with executive dashboards for management

Pre-integrate with inventory for better issue inspection

Pre-integration with network inventory enables you to inspect network performance management issues more effectively, by providing a network topology insight.

Comarch Telecom Performance Management is a part of:

Multi-country OSS Transformation - Case Study

We greatly appreciate the flexibility of Comarch's solutions that are tailored to fit our specific requirements. The company's understanding of telecom business, combined with the commitment and domain knowledge of its specialists, convinced us that by partnering with them we can successfully face the challenges of the OSS transformation project we have planned, which is why we decided to select Comarch for long-term cooperation.

Juan Manuel Caro Bernat, Director of Operations & OSS at Telefónica S.A. 

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