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Over the past couple of years, CSPs have migrated from their network operation centers (NOCs), focused on specific network technologies, to service operation centers (SOCs), focused on end to end services. But even after successful implementations of the SOC concept, telecom IT environments are often still organized in silos, each focused on a different technology. This makes it impossible to monitor customer experience holistically in relation to all the services in use. And, in the eyes of the customer, even the most complex bundle is still one service from one operator, so any failure in any of the bundled services affects the customer perception of the whole package.

Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics is the telecom big data solution to these challenges. It processes data gathered from the telecommunications network (which is the key customer touchpoint for CSPs) in real time, combines it with information from external systems (Performance Management, Fault Management, Network Inventory, CRM, etc.) and aggregates it. By correlating data from all these sources, Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics can produce comprehensive, real-time analysis providing an invaluable insight into customer perception of the services provided. Based on the aggregated analytics data with BSS and analytics data with OSS, the tool suggests specific actions, which can also be carried out automatically. 

Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics effectively helps telecoms companies improve their overall net promoter score (NPS) or customer satisfaction (CSAT) level, as it takes into account the real customer experience when using a given service provided by the network. In this way, our data processing telecom solution can drive the processes of telecom data monetization that operators are seeking.

OSS & BSS Data Analytics for Telecoms - Comarch Solution Benefits

Win internal user support for customer-focused transformation

Attract internal users from different departments with exciting use cases, motivating them to participate actively in customer-focused transformation, breaking the traditional silos. Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics can support use cases addressing the needs of a broad audience, ranging from business-focused departments (such as marketing or customer care) to network engineering departments (for example, network operations or network planning).

Present results of analysis in the most suitable way

Visualize results of the analysis in the manner best suited to the needs of your data consumers. Results of the analysis can be presented using built-in web dashboards, focused on specific use cases (e.g. Roaming Monitoring and VIP monitoring), or generic, easily configurable BI-like web dashboards. Depending on the use case, different forms of visualization are available.

Monetize your network and customer data

The analysis results can be used to trigger specific actions that relate to various customer touchpoints. These include marketing (e.g. generating vouchers to compensate for problems in the network immediately after they arise, or sending information to a customer via an SMS or a mobile application), setting up priorities for network planning, and automated solving of device or network problems. In this way telecoms companies can improve customer experience pro-actively, meaning that they are able to address a potential customer experience issue before the customer contacts one of the other touchpoints to complain.

Improve NPS and CSAT scores

As the network is the main touchpoint for a telecom operator’s customer, the correlation of network performance with customer related data can positively influence NPS and CSAT scores. Your customers will feel that you are the first CSP who cares.

Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics - Key Features

Support for a broad set of data sources

The design of Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics is based on more than 25 years experience in delivering OSS and BSS solutions. Therefore the platform supports integration with key data sources required to efficiently gather the information needed to support pre-defined use cases, addressing the needs of different CSP departments.

Real-time analysis of customer-related data

The platform analyzes customer-related data in real time to support a number of use cases. These include early detection of problems with accessing basic services (issues with voice, data, and SMS, such as unsuccessful connection setups, dropped calls, low bandwidth, etc.), other CSP services (for example, supporting services and VoD, where there is no or poor access to CSP portals such as self-care, website, or the VoD library), and OTT services (poor access to Facebook, YouTube, etc).

Analyzing data batches

Some use cases require batch analyses of data gathered over a longer period of time. Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics supports generating statistics related to service availability (call success setup rates, dropped call rates, etc.), statistics regarding ways in which the service is used (such as the devices and models most commonly used to access the service, subscriber movement patterns, and device battery consumption), various kinds of reports (e.g. the top locations from which the service is accessed: at home, on the way to the office, in the office, with family, etc.).

Integration with third party systems

Monetizing the information provided by Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics requires integration with third party systems (to provide input for marketing campaigns, network planning priorities, 360-degree customer view, etc.). Integration with all those kinds of systems is fully supported.

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I am confident that Comarch solutions will enable MTS to accomplish transition from a network-centric towards a customer-centric OSS ecosystem with an ultimate goal of creating the best customer experience.

Andrey Ushatsky, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MTS

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