Network Planning & Design

Comarch Network Planning & Design is one of the core modules of the Comarch Next Generation Network Planning solution – it augments the capabilities of Comarch Network Inventory and Comarch OSS Process Management with an ability to plan, design, and drive network rollout and upgrade processes.



Comarch BSS OSS Products - Telecom Network Planning & Design

Network Planning & Design - Product Features

Increase efficiency of network planning & rollout

Combine visualizations of strategic (long-term) plans with short-term ones, while maintaining their appropriate hierarchy, so that your planners can design network extensions according to the current state of your network and to the plans of their peers. Optimize the efficiency of your network planners thanks to the system’s ability to present the current state of the network together with planned (future) views. Facilitate the work of your network rollout coordinators with step-by-step optimized process execution plans.

Coordinate the process of multi-domain planning

Assure that the work of various domain specialists is aligned and meets customer service-oriented goals. The module employs Comarch OSS Process Management to assure coordination and synchronization of the work done by various departments / organizational units. The effects of such cooperation are made available via a centralized network inventory system (e.g., it enables the coordination of radio and transport network planning processes to assure that customer experience goals are met). This capability is even more important for effective fixed-mobile network planning and upgrade process management.

Store your planning data in one central place

Centralizing planning data in one system allows for an end-to-end view of multi-domain network rollouts which may span various technological domains (including fixed and mobile). Validate the consistency of complex network planning processes thanks to centralized network data.

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Optimizing Network Planning & Design Processes - Case Study

Having had a very positive experience with Comarch as a partner in previous OSS transformation projects, we decided to cooperate with them again for a project that aims to rebuild our current IT landscape in the area of network performance. Monitoring the performance of a multi-vendor and multi-technology network has become very demanding and its main focus has shifted from network KPIs to customer service quality KPIs. This project enables us to fulfill a strategy of offering our customers high quality, innovative services, sooner than our competitors do.

Gerhard Lüdtke, Director of Access and Transport Networks, E-Plus Gruppe (Now owned by Telefónica Germany)  

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