Network Configuration Management

Comarch Network Configuration Management enables service providers to automate network provisioning for all network domains. It is a solution that manages configuration in a manner that goes beyond the traditional radio access network (RAN) approach, implementing network provisioning in the transmission, core and access domains too.

Comarch Network Configuration Management is fully integrated with Inventory Planning & Design, which allows the planning and configuration loop to be closed and automates the complete end to end fulfillment process. Thanks to the built-in reconciliation capability, Comarch’s telecom network configuration management solution allows live network provisioning based on information that is accurate, complete and up to date. This information itself is delivered in real time, based on data derived directly from the operating network – thus allowing sharply focused network provisioning that keeps pace with network changes and demands.

The main modules of Comarch Network Configuration Management are: 

Smart Plans Management

This functionality allows dependencies between upcoming plans to be found during one particular day of integration. Dependencies can come from manual “engineering” plans or from automated, SON tool generated plans. Smart Plans Management is a Policy Management mechanism that reduces the dependencies and possible failures that have a significant impact on costs during integration.

Consistency Checks

This functionality has a built-in set of vendor and technology specific validation rules. It is also possible to specify customer specific business rules.

Automated Load Files Generation

This functionality generates load files in vendor specific syntax. These can then be applied to the network automatically with standard 3GPP interfaces.

Comarch Network Configuration Management is fully integrated with the Network Auto-discovery & Reconciliation module, which automatically retrieves the current status of the network. Thanks to built-in mechanisms allowing auto-acceptance of plans, live view in Network Inventory Management is updated on a daily basis, as the entry point for efficient and flawless planning and configuration management.

The product can be implemented as part of a broader solution for network planning and upgrading – Comarch NG Network Planning.



Mobile Network Configuration Management - Comarch Solution Benefits

One Multi-vendor and Multi-domain Configuration Platform

Enables the configuration of a multi-vendor, multi-domain network to be managed, thanks to integration with Comarch OSS Mediation. Supports both mobile and fixed network configuration management in one system, enabling efficient fixed mobile convergence and eliminating technological silos in the architecture.

Simplification of the Provisioning Process

Hides the complexity of NE vendor specific network configuration management, leveraging pre-integration with Comarch Network Inventory Management. Automates translation of high level network planning to vendor specific reconfiguration, thus shortening the end to end planning in the configuration management process.

Improved Customer Experience

When pre-integrated with Comarch NGNP, it implements the closed-loop process: plan, upgrade, verify, re-plan, thus shortening the time needed to provide good customer experience for network-based services.

Shorter Time to Market

Flexible network modeling mechanism and configuration templates assure extendibility for future network technologies.

Umbrella Configuration Management – integrated with SON

Smart Plans Management plays a Policy Management role between manual and automated plans coming from SON. The system automatically recognizes conflicts between the plans and resolves them, which leads to the elimination of errors within the network provisioning process. The Reconciliation mechanism allows smart plans acceptance of manual and automated SON related changes in the network.

Reduced Costs

Thanks to future-proof system, architecture and integration within Comarch OSS Suite, it is one more module in the Umbrella OSS concept, which leads to cost reductions due to the decommissioning of several legacy systems and their migration into One OSS.

Comarch Network Configuration Management is a part of:

Case Study

As part of Telefónica's strategy, our network and operation support systems play a crucial role as enablers of the services we provide to our clients. Implementing Comarch Next Generation Network Planning is a major step towards improving the efficiency of network planning and optimization processes in our subsidiaries in Latin America. Comarch was chosen as it has already proven to be a trusted partner of the Telefónica Group in Europe, and shown a great degree of flexibility in meeting our needs. The current implementation will provide an integration platform for a best of breed OSS solution, unified and reused across the group.

José González Díaz, Director of Transformation & OSS, Global CTO at Telefónica S.A. 

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