Mobile Sales

Comarch Mobile Sales is a tablet-based app solution that provides support for sales representatives in door to door sales or at your resellers’ shops or stands. It enables sales representatives to check the most up to date customer data and / or account balance from any location at any time, to check service availability in a given location, and to register contracts directly on a tablet. Comarch Mobile Sales extends the functionalities of Comarch Sales Channel Management solution with door to door sales and service. 


The system needs to be integrated with a CRM system (Comarch CRM for Telecoms or your own CRM) for automatic order handling and supplying service, and with a Field Service Management system for scheduling installation and / or maintenance visits. Comarch Mobile Sales supports your sales reps by partly automating the process of ordering new services and upgrading existing ones. 


Mobile Sales for Telecoms - Comarch Solution Benefits

Ensure a well-informed sales force

Let your sales reps get to know the customer before they start talking to them. Even if the conversation takes place outside your offices, the rep should know if they are talking to a former or existing customer, and what kind of services the customer already has.

Promise only what you can deliver

Easily check offerings available at a customer’s premises using online or offline check. Comarch Mobile Sales can even operate in areas where there is no access to the internet or where the connection is too slow.

Sell your products on the spot

Present your company’s offers through a convenient mobile app, in a very attractive form that your sales representatives and customers will love. Start the ordering process while talking to customers at their premises, on the street or in the mall.

Don’t keep your customers waiting

Input the contract directly onto a tablet and transfer the details to the CRM automatically. Do not keep your customers waiting for their service – schedule a technician visit at a time and date convenient for the customer.

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