InterPartner Billing

Comarch InterPartner Billing allows service and content providers to exchange billing data and invoices, and share revenue or cost information with partners. The system also facilitates the management of relations with domestic and international business partners, and supports various business models which include revenue sharing, wholesale and roaming services. The Comarch interconnect billing platform is easily scalable, ready out of the box to support the newest services, and open to business evolution.

Comarch InterPartner Billing can process high volumes of any kind of services (voice, data, messaging, content and others) within any kind of agreement, including bilateral, hubbing, revenue sharing, roaming, MVNO and content-based. The Partner Management functionality supports the management of relationships with partners and suppliers and can automate most tasks required for cooperating with them within the field of telecom interconnect billing.

InterPartner (Interconnect) Billing - Comarch Solution Benefits

Achieve Multi-Dimensional Convergence

Use the event-agnostic solution for handling voice, data, messaging, content services and others.

Manage It All Through One Platform

Manage any business models (interconnect, roaming, revenue sharing, wholesale) and any contract type (Bilateral, Hubbing, Revenue Sharing, Roaming, MVNO and Content-based) through one platform.

Streamline Billing Management

Access the built-in reconciliation process, manageable from Comarch InterPartner GUI and the powerful re-rating functionality for correction and automatic adjustment processing.

Automate Business Processes

Take hold of the powerful Partner Management module with its multiple core features: agreement management, workflow processing, regulated services support (BSA, LLU, WLR), dispute management, order handling, SLA auditing and managed communication channels.

Use a Flexible and Powerful Processing Tool

The fully scalable and customizable system is ready to process limitless data volumes. Configure new services with ease using flexible customizable rating rules and aggregation levels.

Interconnect Billing Automation and Consolidation - Case Study

Comarch provided us with two great aspects: a proactive approach to our needs and excellent solutions. 

Robert Kipczak, Project Manager, Netia SA

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