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Comarch Field Service Management (FSM) is a comprehensive WFM (Workforce Management) solution for scheduling, staffing, managing, and supporting the workforce in the field, which results in significantly increased efficiency of operations. Thanks to Comarch Field Service Management, customer and network operations can utilize the available resources more efficiently and improve the team’s coordination. The system selects the most suitable resources for each task, considering all aspects and bearing in mind KPIs according to the company’s business model. Comarch FSM addresses the needs of field workforce managers, allowing them to manage resources, tasks, time and knowledge effortlessly. Full mobility support for all on-site activities allows the time needed for task execution to be shortened, work quality to be improved, and changes to be performed in real time.

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Field Service Management for Telecoms - Comarch Solution Benefits

Reduce field service costs through automation

Optimize field service costs thanks to automated task assigning and route planning. Reduce paper and phone usage by providing mobile access for technicians in remote locations. Automatic dispatching facilitates skill-based scheduling and task assignment, resource availability, overall field service cost optimization, and adherence to service level agreements, KPIs and workload forecasts.

Improve the quality of your field service

Specific task types and properly allocated resources allow for more efficient and standardized performance. This also enables customer support services to be executed according to ITIL guidelines, and makes it easy to adhere to ISO 20000 or CMMI. Quality Audits allow work quality to be checked remotely or on site surveys to be performed.

Maximize revenues and boost sales

Increase your company’s revenues by achieving a higher number of installations per day, and gaining the ability to complete the service activation process in real time. Boost sales by presenting new up-sell and cross-sell offers to customers through your field service. Increase service efficiency to improve customer satisfaction.

Decrease workloads and increase productivity

Decrease dispatcher workloads with an Automated Dispatching module, and order completion reporting performed directly by service technicians. Maximize your field workforce productivity thanks to improved time and resource management. Reduce the number of unsuccessful truck rolls by having all data for technicians available in Comarch FSM Mobile. Use the system to forecast the workload and set up the workforce accordingly.

Automate and improve task scheduling

Comarch Field Service Management creates initial estimates of task duration, and records the actual time taken. The estimate is based on automatic system suggestions, depending on the task type and employee skills, availability, and location. The field service manager has access to real-time information regarding tasks currently being executed and available resources. The system monitors your field employees to optimize allocation of resources, based on their current physical location and their competences, automatically linked with upcoming tasks.

Let field technicians access the system remotely

Provide your field technicians in remote locations with the ability to log in to the system via Comarch FSM Mobile. In this way, technicians can access the most accurate and up to date data necessary to handle each order. Order dispatch occurs in real time and technicians are able to complete the service process in the field. With information and actions regarding task details, inventory data, customer history, remote measurement, provisioning and warehouse management in one comprehensive system, the technician really can boost their performance. Due to cross-sell and up-sell functionalities, technicians can also offer the customer additional services.

Easily execute field tasks in large territories

Simplify task execution in large territories thanks to a built-in Geographical Information System (GIS), which processes information regarding employee location, presenting both employee and task location. Integration with vehicle tracking, or with information from the global positioning system (GPS) via Comarch FSM Mobile, allows field managers to know exactly where their field force is currently located, and enables accurate and real-time dispatching.

Easily report the state of your field workforce

Create various reports related to your field services thanks to an advanced reporting module that lets you analyze employee data and tasks, through scheduled and ad hoc reporting. Information regarding the status of tasks is available online. The field manager has access to all essential data and the ability to take necessary action if a problem arises.

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Automating Mobile Workforce Management for a Satellite Operator - Case Study

Comarch Field Service Management enabled ViaSat to automate order and resource management processes, which has enabled us to provide an excellent customer experience in fulfilling customer orders.

Brian Crouthers, Director of Field Operations, ViaSat Inc.

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